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Written by: jake9999 on 2009-01-12

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jake9999's review: Callout Comment I logged into my account today and to my surprise, I found they gave me a $100 CLI... After six months of heavy usage, they actually did it. I didn't think HSBC could do that! Ha ha. This card really isn't that bad if you don't have the annual fee. The interest rate is not bad either. I will have to see if there are any other "huge" increases coming my way in the future. All in all I am thankful for the increase even if it is a small one. At least it wasn't the $20 increase I have heard of on this site in the past.


Comment 1 by alit123
Congrats User Icon on 2009-01-12

Remarks Congradulations on your CLI... Not very common for HSBC... Do you mind sharing your original credit line..
Comment 2 by kellbell
HSBC User Icon on 2009-01-12

Remarks Cool! I received a CLI from $300 to $500 and now at $700!
Comment 3 by colonative
Woah User Icon on 2009-01-12

Remarks You need to go buy yourself a Lotto Ticket. As I have always said these cards from HSBC are only good for rebuilding. Use them for all they are worth, charge it and pay it in full each month; that way you are not paying them any interest so who cares if the APR is high? Then after a year of responsible usage try to get an account with Captial One and get rid of HSBC before you have too much time invested in them. Capital One will help you open doors to Bank of America, Chase and Citi.
Comment 4 by brian23
WooHooo. User Icon on 2009-01-12

Remarks Jake, you had me so excited that I logged onto my account and wwwaaallllaaa, nothing.

My account will be at a year mark in June and in May I will be calling in and if they don't waive the AF and at least increase me to 1K credit limit, they're gone (currently at 450 CL, started with 300 until I threatened to close in the beginning and they bumped me up and waived half the AF).

Again, Congrats on the increase and its nice to see some other FG members are getting some luv from HSBC.
Comment 5 by jake9999
????? User Icon on 2009-01-13

Remarks What exactly is a valid credit card review? I am reviewing the card... I find it much easier to navigate through credit card reviews than some forum and find it much more helpful when others post comments about their current cards via a review. Just a thought...
Comment 6 by wildrage2
I Agree User Icon on 2009-01-13

Remarks The review forum is sort of a mess. It's tough to navigate through pages and pages of a threads to find something... I just gave up on it lol.
Comment 7 by colonative
Jake User Icon on 2009-01-13

Remarks For a valid review, usually you want to state when you opened it, how long you have had it, your credit score at the time of opening. Things like that.

I guess for this one you just needed to add how long youve been a cardholder, what your inital credit line was and how you like or dislike the card.
Comment 8 by mrrob
Congrats User Icon on 2009-01-19

Remarks When I had this card for approximately 3 months I received an increase without asking (I was shocked) I use the card often but have gotten into the habit of paying it off every month
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