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Written by: eric on 2007-08-07

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eric's review: Callout Comment Hi

My name is Eric... I'm trying to re-establish credit just like a lot of people. Its has taken me 5 years to get to where I'm at. If I could have known what I know I would have been ahead of the game here. Advise DO NOT apply for a card that has $250 in fees and they give you $300 credit limit. Don't fall into those traps. Apply for a credit card at Capital One, Household Bank, Orchard Bank, or a bank for a secured card. Cap One, Household and Orchard do have a fee on their cards- A yearly fee but Id rather pay $29-$59 for an annual fee than have $250 in fees to pay right off the opening plus a monthly "maintenance" fee of about $10. That's a fee that you pay even if you don't use the card-which is INSANE! I'm about tired of seeing this Continental Card & Aspire/Tribute on here. Obviously these companies aren't good. My advise is to apply at Cap one, Orch or Household or get a secured card from your bank. Thanks Eric

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