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Written by: hawk on 2008-12-22

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hawk's review: Callout Comment I received an Envelope from a PO box today I opened it and to my Surprise it was a Hooters Card. They Gave me a $500.00 Dollar limit, However it came with an annual fee ($48.00) and an interest rate of a whopping 25.70%. I do want this card as It is my last one for at least a year (I hope!) But... I am uncertain if I should keep it due to the Fee. I need help to decide Pros and cons if you will. I don't mind the high rate it's that AF I don't want. This card give five points for every Dollar spent at Hooters and Hooters merchandise and one dollar for every other thing under the sun.

The Card looks Kool.

They give CLi if you make your paymeny ontime.

CS is said to be good.

one big con I can think of is a hard Pull and a card cancellation right off the bat that's not good on my rebuilding. Has anyone at all had luck with getting this fee removed or at least cut down? Should I tell them that I won't accept the card with the AF? It worked with Bestbuy Rewards Zone (HSBC) I never had dealing with Merick Bank. I don't want them to say fine we canceled your account... That to would really suck. Any input would be Extremely helpful as I intend on calling them tomorrow. Meya any advice? Thanks

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Comment 1 by meya
Congrats! User Icon on 2008-12-22

Remarks Told ya... Lol. Yeah the APR is pretty steep but the annual fee should be billed monthly. This is the way they have mines, so make sure that you call them and ask, or it should be inside the envelope you received.

OK, one more thing, copy and paste those questions that you have over to this link so you can get more answers to what you are looking for:


Thanks and way to go on your approval!
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