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Written by: hawk on 2008-12-19

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hawk's review: I applied for this card Before Meya gave me some good advice to take it easy on my credit rebuilding (to many cards too fast) I was approved with the same 300 dollar limit. When I received my card I went through the card member agreement and was surprised to see a $59.00 AF. I did what others did I called and complained about the fee and limit. I was transferred to a suppervisor, she said I'm sorry you wish to cancell your card. I told her that I would keep it if they dropped the fee. She offered me the $150.00 increase ans reduce the AF more than half. I told her keep the increase and kill the AF. She informed me that she was only autherized to lower it by that amount. After careful thought I fdecided to take the deal so I received an immediate increase and the reduced AF. The rep also informed me that HSBC with reveiw the account after a year and totally remove the fee if it stays in good standing so i'll check back with them.

I also applied for a HOOTERS card at the same time as this card I got the message we will notify you of our decission in 7to 10 days so not sure if I am going to be approved. That will be my last application for at least a year. I will try my best Meya ! Thanks for all of your advice everyone is sooo helpful. Happy holidays!


Comment 1 by brian23
Good Job.... on 2008-12-19

Yea, it seems that with this card you just have to bark a little and they will do something about it. I have had my card for 7 mths and haven't seen an increase yet, but I will call a month before the 1 yr hits and if they don't do anything I will be dropping them.
Comment 2 by charonh
Congrats, But!!! on 2008-12-19

Has anyone ever been issued a credit line higher than $300 (say $1000 or more) and no annual fee, just curious? I like Best Buy but I think I will continue using my other major cards or debit card for their purchases, I just do not see the benefit of having this card. Hawk, I'm glad you've slowed down with the new applications.
Comment 3 by thomas1

Good question! I have not personally seen a credit line higher than 1k on this card. Seems like HSBC services this account the same as their Orchard accounts.

It is probably serviced like a rebuilder account, just like Orchard, although some of the Direct Rewards Discover have some higher limits.

The annual fee structure and credit lines are all like with all their card brands.

HSBC branded Cash/Fly, Union Plus, and GM Flexible Earnings are offered more like Tier 1 cards.
Comment 4 by casey
Answer For Charonh on 2008-12-19

When I got my card back in 2006, they issued me a $500 limit, in all this time it has grown to... Drum roll...$600... That's right a whopping $100 increase is all I have ever gotten. It is not my favorite card, I don't use it for that much... Only for recurring transactions like my life insurance premium and my TrueCredit subscription to keep some activity on it...

I have asked for increases every now then, always no... When the letter comes, it always says cardholder CLI requests are not available for this account... So I must not be in a very good tier... But then I read about others calling and getting fees waived and CLI all the time.

But then, go figure, I have the HSBC Direct Rewards Discover account with $3000 CL... I can't figure HSBC out...
Comment 5 by hawk
RE: Question on 2008-12-19

Charonh, I did see on one of these reveiws that someone received this card with over a 2K limit and no AF but his or her Fico score was in the seven hundred range. These cards are teired different they make us pay for past mistakes or limited credit history. My goal is to get to the 750 to 800 range but I have a long way to go. Hopefully I don't slip along the way.
Comment 6 by charonh
There Is Hope! on 2008-12-20

That's good to know (2K/no annual fee), because I thought this card was very limited. Hawk you will make into the 700 club in no time. Think postive. As long as you use your credit wisely; don't ever charge more than you can afford; and remember their purpose and your goals, you'll remain focused. Make your credit cards work for you, not the opposite (credit work against you). It took me some time to come to this realization, but once you do, you'll never go back. Good luck!
Comment 7 by mrrob
No Complaints on 2008-12-20

I have this card. I have no complaints. They gave me an unexpected $200 increase after I had the card for about 4 months

Comment 8 by meya
Way To Go! on 2008-12-20

Thanks Hawk!

You may have something coming good from Hooter's, we usually hear the 7-10 words from a lot of members and then they look up and see the card on the mail. Yeah, the best to do is put a hold on the luv button right about now. Creditors are really sketchy when they see many inq's on your report.
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