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Written by: steph on 2007-08-05

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steph's review: I applied this morning online, I didn't receive an instant decision, but they called me 30 minutes later, at home to verify some background info and I was approved for $510. I'm happy, the CSR told me there was a red flag on my account that requires credit companies to call, this is due to someone in Seattle, WA stealing my info to open a Sprint account and defaulted on it. I'm cool I don't mind them double checking it just means that I probably wont get instant approvals in store. I would rather do it online at home and wait for them to contact me to prevent embarrassment. I noticed the same bank operates Old Navy and Gap Cards, does anyone have a problem getting those cards I applied for Gap a year ago and was denied. Anyone else have luck with them?


Comment 1 by meya
Re: Steph on 2007-08-05

Congratulations! Way to go! Your limit was higher than mines, I received $400 fromt them last month. On my first purchase, an automated rep called to verify that I have made the charges, and when I went on line to view my account options (the 2nd tme) I had to set up a security option with them. I feel real safe and confident about this card. As far as Gap and Old Navy goes, ummmm I do not think that I am going to try them out because old navy is not my kind of clothing and The Gap is a llittle bit on the expensive side and I probably could not fit their clothing anyway. So that would be a waste of my time... Lmao! Ge Money Bank is pretty good to receive cards from. They also have Jcpennys, and a few other cards that I can't remember off the top of my head right now. Guess what? Eric works for them. If you have any questions about GE, just send him an offline message and he will repsond back to you.
Comment 2 by steph
Re:Meya on 2007-08-06

Thanks Meya!!!
I'm so glad I found these boards with all the information about different cards. It took me a while to get here. Thanks for the Orchard Info too. I'm gonna wait it out to apply for an old navy or Gap card but I will send Eric a message to get some information before I do. I do believe a year ago my credit scores were not as they are now to get approved for that card. I'll keep you posted.

Comment 3 by eric
RE: Steph & Meya on 2007-08-07

Hey Meya & Steph... Yes I work for GE Money Bank in the collections-customer service dept. Im not familliar with the approval system they have. I only have 2 cards with them... Walmart and American Eagle. I will say this-working for them they must have a block on how many accounts an employee can have because Ive got a 660 FICO and they denied me for a jcp & Banana Republic account. I would suggest if your going to apply for a Gap Inc acct example- old navy, gap, banana republic- the higher approval would be the Old Navy accts. (you don't want to know how many young dumb and uneducated about credit people Ive had to deal with in Old Navy) PLUS you can use the old navy card at GAP or BR as well. The cards are universal in GAP inc. Congrats on the Walmart accounts ladies. I love my Walmart card even though I wanted a Walmart Discover but never the less lol... If you have any questions about your GEMB accts let me know.
Comment 4 by yanira
Re: Meya & on 2007-08-08

I just wanted to share my opinion on the gap inc. Cards. I applied for the old navy card the same weekend as I applied for the walmart card. I got approved for the oldnavy card but not the walmart card. My score is 677, however I do have many inquiries and recent delinquency (which is really an old bill that was a chargeback that I paid), never do that by the way. I found out the hard way that paying off old stuff actually hurts you not helps... I was also wondering if anyone knew anything about the bestbuy rewards MasterCard? I rec'd a pre-approval in the mail yesterday, but I'm not sure if it's worth it.
Comment 5 by steph
Re:Eric on 2007-08-08

Thanks Eric,
I had no idea you could use the O/N card across the Gap Inc chain. that is a major plus for me, since I shop at all three stores. I never applied for the card because I have stood behind people in line that have and watched them get denied. Not a ggod feeling even if it isn't you! I applied for a GAP card a year and a half ago online and I was denied. I worked on my credit for 3 years and I just started getting approvals this year from cards I actually appplied for instead of cards that seem to "find" me. I was just approved for Target and Walmart this month I'm going to wait it out a month or so and try for old Navy. Thanks again for all the info.
Comment 6 by meya
Re: Yanira on 2007-08-08

By the way, you are welcome, but I am not to sure about the Bestbuy Rewards Card. Go to creditratings.com or creditboards.com and see if can get some info about the card. Wow, I do not see why Walmart did not give you a chance even though they denied me for several of times before and finally gave me a chance last month. I have a friend who received a Bestbuy card but she have scores in the high 700's so I really do not know the their minimun acceptacne. Your scores a nice (better than mines) but I will go to creditboards to use their creditpulls and I will repsond back to you. In the meantime sign up with the Im here so I can correspond to you as a group. It will be beneficial to all of the use there. Ps, go to hooters.com and apply, they just gave me a MasterCard with a $2k limit. Over look the name... Lol, it is just for credit boost. They pull from Transunion which is where my scores are higher. But I am going to warn you! I pulled my credit report the day before I applied and saw that my score ws 656 at TU, that one pull from hooters bought me down to 635. I know it will pick back up when they post it as a new account but JESUS that was a hard inquiry.
Comment 7 by yanira
Meya on 2007-08-09

Hi meya, thanks for the input. I went ahead and tried for the best buy MasterCard and got approved for $1500, woohoo. As for IM I'm not sure how to sign up for that but I will look. It is a bit bizzare that I didn't get approved for the walmart card. But it probably wasn't my day... Hehe. My score is higher with transunion. We have that in common. As for applying for credit, I'm really trying to avoid anymore inquiries on the report. As you mentioned with yours, mine has been going down a bit because of all the inquiries. I think I have quite a few on there. I have gotten 3 new cards in about 1-2 months period. It just gets a bit exCiting when you know you can finally get approved. I had ruined my credit right after starting college and have been plagued with bad credit for 6+ years... Anyway, I do think this is beneficial to all of us... It helps to know where to go.
Comment 8 by anonymous
Re; Yanira, Sign Up Instructions on 2007-08-11

Hi Yanira, sorry I took so long to see your posting. I just realized you stated that you were not aware how to open an account here. When you come in to review postings, look at the yellow highlight on the right hand side which states NEW, click on Instant messaging, and sign up for new acount. If you don't see it, look to the right under Review Tools, click on Instant Messages, then click sign up for account. Please, please, please sign up today because I have a little message that I need to send to you. What ever you do, make sure you still use Yanira as your user name so that I can find you in the member search engine. If you have already signed up, send me a PM with the current name you subscribed to. Thanks!
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