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Written by: coolkidny on 2008-12-14

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coolkidny's review: Callout Comment I applied for this card but was rejected immediately. I guess right now credit is tight with American Express.


Comment 1 by meya
Sorry To Hear User Icon on 2008-12-14

Remarks Not exactly tight, but it depends on what your credit files says about you. If you don't mind sharing this with us, maybe we can give you heads up on what to expect before you make another move on a tier one card.

Trust me, you probably did not miss nothing but a headache anyway, I have been hearing butcher stories about Amex. I wish you would have came through the Network before you applied because we have a pre-approval link from them that would have save you a hard pull.

Come over to the network where we can better meet you, you will love it over there:

Comment 2 by arod
Hang In There.. User Icon on 2008-12-14

Remarks Ok they rejected you but it's ok... If I were you I would try next year but listen if your score is 680-700 they will approve you... But lower or Bankruptcy and forget it.

also check your credit report.

Anyway don't give up...

Good luck to you,

Comment 3 by bucky7007
Sorry User Icon on 2008-12-14

Remarks Hey, your prob better off. I have one of the gold AMEX rewards, its a good card if you pay in full, and as your credit score increases, you may get an invite to apply for one with points for plane tickets, then jump on it. They'll give you 50000 points, and you can get something out of it. Remember, this is a charge card. If you want no anual fees, try the AMEX blue, way better. And you can pay it over a longer stretch, and you still can get points towards flights, hotels, or whatever. Amex will approve you for any of their cards once you have a solid history with THEM, problem is getting in the door. Good luck, and keep your credit limits on your other cards less than 40% if you can. Your credit score will inncrease. Try not to be a credit limit maxer, it will hurt you.
Comment 4 by thomas1
AMEX User Icon on 2008-12-14

Remarks Sorry to hear that. Amex is in serious trouble right now. Slashing credit limits and closing accounts. They are trying to reserve capital. Meya is right, you missed a probable headache with them! I personally wouldn't be disappointed if they did go out, but we know that won't happen.

Anyway, check your reports for errors and inquiries, as there was a reason for denial. Maybe wait 6 months if you want this card badly, make sure your scores like Arod said, are at least 680+ and good history.

Although I've heard of Amex Green approving people with scores around 620. Actually, this and Delta Skymiles are two of their easiest ones to obtain.

Hmmm... Check your reports, its either too many inquiries, a possible error, or maybe they won't lend at this time. Could be where you live also. Amex profiles potential customers too.
Comment 5 by cabana7
Score User Icon on 2008-12-14

Remarks I would say you really need to have a higher score with Amex and higher income and you still may experience difficulty.
Comment 6 by lol83
Re: REJECTED User Icon on 2009-12-05

Remarks All of this is bogus. I have all of the requirments listed by others in the comments My credit scores all above 780+ I have another credit card with AMEX so I have a History with them and I have a high income. I was STILL REJECTED for an AMEX card.
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