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Written by: hawk on 2008-12-12

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hawk's review: Callout Comment I was Finally Approved for this card after being denied a few times. This card has the ability to upload custom photo's or personalized cards. If you stay under the credit limit and pay on time they promiss a cli after three months, then continue to pay on-time and keep it under your limit and about seven months they raise your CL again not bad. This card and a few others have help me to get cards with a higher cl.


Comment 1 by rsty99
Congrats User Icon on 2008-12-13

Remarks I also went thru the cc steps and have had no problems and they also keep sending me 0% for 6 months no iterest all the time too.
Comment 2 by thomas1
Cap One User Icon on 2008-12-13

Remarks Congrats on your approval! Cap One is definitely a bank that will grow with you over time.

Good luck with your card.

BTW, would you mind sharing your scores at time of approval?
Comment 3 by meya
Way To Go User Icon on 2008-12-13

Remarks You made a good choice when you applied for this card. But I must say that I think you better slow down with the application spree regardless to if it was a approval offer or not. Banks are out slashing limits and closing accounts on those who are out making this type of move. Again, congrats on the the new card and keep us updated with your overall experience with the card. We just love some cap 1.
Comment 4 by hjm331
RE: User Icon on 2008-12-13

Remarks I agree with the comments above.
Comment 5 by jake9999
Congratulations! User Icon on 2008-12-13

Remarks Congrats on your new card. I have a Capital One card and they are one of my favorites. They really do treat their card holders with respect and reward them for good account history. Slow down on the applications though. The several inquires in a short period of time will lower your credit score. A word of advise, don't use the image card feature. The card itself looks and feels very cheap and the picture was not even aligned correctly on the card when I tried it. I have noticed from my own experiences and hearing others that Capital One will start you off with a small limit but will quickly raise it. Congrats again
Comment 6 by hawk
Thanks For The Advice User Icon on 2008-12-13

Remarks My scores vary on my espn card is TU -625 was surprised that I was approved. My EQ and EX are about the same. I know it's a bad thing to do to get these cards quick however I've had those other cards two with HSBC for a year and other accounts with GE Money for over two years. GE is slashing every card they have just after the Bail out... How conveinent. My advice to others and to myself LOL the better cards are like a drug they send them out you look them over and some times set them aside and then the lure of them can be just too much... So now I am done I'm going to keep what I have and make it my New years Resolution to just let these cards increase my scores. I thank all of you for the helpful advise. I just got a nice cap1 offer today but it is going to the shredder so that I can build my score!
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