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Written by: hawk on 2008-12-12

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hawk's review: Callout Comment I had Two other HSBC credit cards with lower limits ($300.00 Range) for a year. I took a chance and applied for the Union Plus card. At first I was denied, Reason too many HSBC accounts. They only allow three. I was Disapointed so I called customer service I was Pleased when I was told if I canceled the other two card and called back in a few days (when the cancellation hit their system) they would approve me. I was a bit suspicious at first but I did as instructed. I called back and was instantly approved for 3500CL, I was very pleased! 1.99 introductory rate and discounts on a lot of vendors sites. Best of all 100% american customer Service ! 24-7 I Highly recommend this card.


Comment 1 by charonh
Congrats, But Wait! User Icon on 2008-12-12

Remarks I hope you didn't have the other two cards for very long, because your score may be impacted negatively, but you'll regain whatever you lost with time and a good payment history. At any rate, it appears you came out on top with the better credit line, which more than qradrupled the other two, which will look good on your CRs. Nice upgrade.
Comment 2 by meya
Cool User Icon on 2008-12-12

Remarks That is what you call someone with guts to take a risk like that. Nice limit, especially coming from HSBC. Keep us updated with your overall usage of the card.
Comment 3 by thomas1
Congrats User Icon on 2008-12-12

Remarks You did take a chance there, especially with HSBC. The reason for the higher line is because of the card type you applied for. They have a few cards that are tiered from good to excellent credit.

Seems like it paid off, and Congrats to you!
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