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Written by: hala on 2008-12-10

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hala's review: Callout Comment Thanks for this web site it really help me to decide which credit card I should apply. I agree, HSBC bank never give CLI. I have orchard with them after2years give me 20 dollar increase. I just got a Best Buy Mastercard with a 320 dollar limit and a 79 dollar AF.


Comment 1 by brian23
Congrats... User Icon on 2008-12-10

Remarks On the approval. Its always nive to hear a yes when were applying. When you get the card in, do what I did and call to tell them that you want to cancel the card because of the low limit and high AF. If you do it right, you should eventually get someone who will be willing to increase your CL and lower your AF. Have you tried to apply for CapOne?
Comment 2 by meya
Congrats! User Icon on 2008-12-10

Remarks Way to go on your new approval, please keep us updated with your overall usage of the card. Good luck with your cli, I doubt if they will be any different than Orchards.
Comment 3 by thomas1
Orchard User Icon on 2008-12-11

Remarks What's up with a $20 credit line increase from these people? Sure, things are tight, but that is just an insult if I've ever seen one!

Call those people up and give them the what not! After 2 years, and 20$, I would ask them how they are helping you as a cardmember. Call the backdoor number at 800-395-6090, and you'll get a senior account rep.

If that doesn't work for more than 20$, I would sockdrawer that puppy and apply to Cap One, providing your payment history is perfect and you don't have a lot of inquiries on your reports.
Comment 4 by iantha1
Hello User Icon on 2008-12-11

Remarks If you don't mind sharing, What were your credit scores when you were approved.
Comment 5 by hala
Thank You User Icon on 2008-12-11

Remarks Thank you for every body response to my review I was shy to write because I have bad grammer. My score was 629ex,609eq and 582 tu. Ihave colletion in my report. Itry before with capital one but deniad. But after I read this web site igot target for 200and hooters for 400 with 36af.
Comment 6 by iantha1
Thanks User Icon on 2008-12-11

Remarks Thanks for the info, Again Congrats !!!. Please feel free to post more reviews and you get more approvals.
Comment 7 by hjm331
RE: User Icon on 2008-12-12

Remarks Congrats on the approval! Don't expect to receive increases on your Best Buy MC, just use it, make your payments on-time, let it age, and apply for better cards in a year or two.
Comment 8 by hawk
Drop Orchard And Get Union Plus CC User Icon on 2008-12-12

Remarks I too had Orchard for one year I had to drop that account to get the Union Plus card. (issued by HSBC)

what a difference I was approved for 3500 (was Very Happy) if you have a good payment history with them no missed payment and on-time payments they tend to over look the mistakes from the past. Give it a try and let us know how you make out.
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