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Written by: mtj2150 on 2008-12-06

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mtj2150's review: Callout Comment This is my second card now with Cap1. Got a regular Platinum M/C back in May. With credit steps that one now at $750 (and expecting another CLI in a month or so). This one came from a mail offer in November. I sent it in and BANG - in 10 days the card showed up.

$500 initial CL (expecting a credit steps letter on this one too) with their apparently standard zero APR until 2009. $29 annual fee.

Scores: EQ 656 EX 625 TU 642

I am impressed with CAP1's customer service. No problems at all with payments posting quickly. I've called the backdoor number listed here twice with questions and got very clear answers with a friendly attitude. No drama!

I love these guys so much I even opened an online savings and Money Market with them a few months ago. I'm just as impressed with their online banking customer service as I am with their credit card side. An added plus -- Cap1 letsd you set up ALL your accounts with them - regardless of type - under a single login making it easy to track everything in one place.

I am a voracious monthly PIF "payer-downer" on all my credit accounts. I know this has probably helped get me auto-CLIs on everything and I'm certain is why Cap1 is so far on my good side.

Good advice I've read from others here too - charge only what you can afford to PIF, then DO IT regularly. It does work folks!


Comment 1 by meya
Woohooo User Icon on 2008-12-06

Remarks Nice review! Overjoyed to hear a member brag on the cap1 family... Lol.
Comment 2 by thomas1
Cap One User Icon on 2008-12-07

Remarks What can you say, Capital One is pretty sweet company.

Congrats on your 2nd card!!! I too have multiple accounts with them, Savings, MM, CD, auto loan, and credit card. Great and easy online capabilities which makes it nice not to have to go all over the website to sign in. One click

I started my card back in the spring, initially with 1k limit. I use moderately each month, PIF. They already have me at 4k, which I was told it would be 6 months for my next increase and on my anniversary date.

Capital One will grow with you over time. I have heard you can have up to 3 accounts with them.

Enjoy your second card!!!
Comment 3 by colonative
Congratulations User Icon on 2008-12-07

Remarks Stick with Capital One and they will stick with you.
Comment 4 by hjm331
RE: User Icon on 2008-12-07

Remarks I also have this card and like it a lot. It's true, the rewards are issued with any hassles and you can redeem them instantly for statement credit, gift card, or check. They are hands down one of the best creditors in the country.
Comment 5 by brian23
Congrats... User Icon on 2008-12-07

Remarks And the other capital one card. Question, how long have you had the 1st one?
Comment 6 by mtj2150
1st Cap1 Card User Icon on 2008-12-08

Remarks Brian,

May 2008 (you might have missed that above). I waited after getting the card for the auto-CLI to go through and then gave it another 3 months after that.

The only reason I even did a second card was a mail offer, figuring "what the hell why not" as I have so much invested in Cap1 now. And it paid off this time!
Comment 7 by arod
Capital One Bank User Icon on 2008-12-08

Remarks This cards is great I have two cards from them and I will be with them along time.

1. Platinum $2300 and a 2. Platinum no hassle cash rewards $700

I love this bank

anyway I'm happy for you and good luck,

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