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Written by: mom2parker on 2008-12-06

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mom2parker's review: Applied several months ago and was instantly denied. Re-applied on 11/25 and got the "7-10 day message". Have been impatiently waiting for the mailman to come everyday and still hadn't received it. I looked up the regular CS number and my husband called today. He was pleasantly surprised to talk to an American and she was very helpful. She looked up his information and told him he was approved and the card was sent out on Wednesday. Credit limit is $550. Didn't ask about an annual fee or APR yet... Was just excited to hear that we were approved!! :)


Comment 1 by pamela2
Hi Mom2parker on 2008-12-06

Congrats on your card and Welcome to the Hooters family!!!
Comment 2 by meya
Wayt To Go on 2008-12-06

Nice hearing from you again Mom2Parker! Congrats on the approval and wlecome to the Hooter's family.
Comment 3 by colonative
So... on 2008-12-06

You applied for it or your husband? Or was it a joint application?

Congratulations on the approval, I get a kick out of women having this card!
Comment 4 by cireone
HOOTERS on 2008-12-06

Hooters did me wrong by closing my account for some bogus reason. I got kicked out of the family, LOL.
Comment 5 by brian23
Congrats... on 2008-12-06

On the approval and as you've already heard... Welcome to the family!!!
Comment 6 by meya
RE:Cireone on 2008-12-06

I hate to hear that, but at the same time don't trip because it is not a card that you hear anyone bragging on. The most you will ever hear the joy from is the approval. The APR is too high anyway, it is just a good card for rebuilding and lines of credit.
Comment 7 by thomas1
Mom2Parker on 2008-12-07

Great hearing from you again, Mom2Parker. Glad to hear of your experience with Merrick.

Hooters is a very popular, if not the most popular on this board next to Cap One. Very high approval rate.

I'm glad to see you got in with another larger issuer.

Sounds like your scores have gotten better, and Congrats on your card!

Enjoy, and Happy Holidays!!
Comment 8 by cabana7
Congratulations on 2008-12-07

Good card... I have had excellent customer service as well...
Comment 9 by hjm331
RE: on 2008-12-07

Congrats on the approval, feels good to finally get approved huh? Take care of the card and it will help you build credit.
Comment 10 by mtj2150
Two Steps Forward, One Back on 2008-12-08

Well well well... Congratulations and welcome! That's two of us joining the Hooters clan this week. Yay Merrick Bank!

Sorry to hear about cireone's issues. I hope to hear a follow up if or when a better, clearer answer about why they did what they did comes around.

Strange... Two approvals and one cancellation all in the same period. Hmmmmmmm...
Comment 11 by yoyo11
Welcome on 2008-12-08

To the family...
Comment 12 by beanciapoo
Congratulations on 2008-12-08

Congratulation on your new Hooters Card. I have one and I have had no problems with this card. You will enjoy it.
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