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Written by: jake9999 on 2008-12-04

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jake9999's review: Callout Comment My credit report contained some inaccurate information when I applied for the regular Discover card back in 2007. I was declined for the regular Discover and was counter offered this card. Once I discovered the inaccurate information on my credit report, I promptly had it removed and re applied for the Discover card and was approved in April, 08. I absolutely LOVE my ACTUAL DISCOVER CARD. It's a shame this card shares the Discover logo. They are absolutely polar opposites. HSBC is the worst bank on the planet and gives the worst credit limits. This HSBC card was my first credit card. Back then they approved me for a $300.00 credit limit which I see is famous here and a $19.00 annual fee. Well guess what? Almost 2 years later and no credit limit increase despite a perfect account history with HSBC. My credit score is 729 and I have an actual Discover with a $4,000.00 limit and a CITI card with a $3,000.00 limit. HSBC does not allow for requests to increase your credit line but instead give you a scripted response that they will periodically review accounts for CLI's. This frustrates me because this account WILL NOT grow with you! I get so mad at the HSBC representative, I wish I could just close the card but I can't since it's my first credit line and that would look bad and would really hurt my score. I have tried every thing I know to do to get them to increase my credit line and they won't. In the past four months, I have paid off my balance each month in full when my statement cuts. I have always made my payments on time and always pay more than the minimum. Does anyone have this card who has actually got a credit limit increase from them? Is there a special number I can call to get someone worth talking to? Sorry to rant but don't accept this card. It's horrible!!! Wait for the actual Discover! It is absolutely the BEST!


Comment 1 by rsty99
HSBC? User Icon on 2008-12-04

Remarks I have this card and was given CL $1500 with no af, I have had no problems with them or the other card Mastercard Plat $1100 no af.
Comment 2 by rivasglo
RE: User Icon on 2008-12-04

Remarks I haven't had mine for a year yet but in the coming months I will be!

I was approved for $900, 18.99%, no AF, never had a a problem w/ it. I have NEVER had a CLI either and IDK anyone that actually has, I'm also interested in any who has to provide or let us know the info!
Comment 3 by cireone
HSBC User Icon on 2008-12-05

Remarks Funny because I have this along with an Orchard and Best Buy Mastercard, which are all isssued by HSBC, but th latter two I have only got a $20 CLI on eahc and have had the cards for more than a year. It seemed that when I paid in full, they wouldnt consider a CLI. Bu twhen I was using it often and carrying a balance, they decided to give me an extra $20 bucks, perhaps to help with the upcoming AF, lol.
Comment 4 by thomas1
HSBC DISCOVER User Icon on 2008-12-05

Remarks Sorry to hear about this. You probably will never ever get an increase on this card. The reason you see higher limits on these cards is risk evaluation at approval. Most people do carry balances reflected on credit reports. They see that, especially HSBC, and approve higher limits. BUT, for those who generally show zero balances on their reports, expect only a 300$ limit which will probably always stay there.

I personally do not like HSBC, had two cards with them, combined them into one, and even that took 2 whole months to consolidate

I know this may be your oldest tradeline, but, you have two options: either sockdrawer the card, and charge a tank of gas every few months to keep the tradeline active, or close it.

I also have the regular Discover and Citi, and I understand your disgust as to why Discover would allow them to use their network. No Comparison!

Absolutely none! Discover is probably the top rated credit card in the industry, thus making it very hard to be approved for. I love it, awesome customer service, and rewards are terrific. Discover itself will most likely increase your line every 6 months without calling, just look for it on the statement. However, don't initiate or call for an increase as it will most likely result in a hard pull. The other option would be to close it. Since you already have the Discover issued card, and Citi, I would kick it to the curb if you don't need to apply for any additional cards.

I just closed 3 accounts that 4 years old, and lost no points at all if that's any consolation. If you plan on applying for more cards, then do it before closing the HSBC Direct Rewards Discover. But if you do apply for more, maybe only go for one, two at most, because you don't want a lot of brand new tradelines and newly opened accounts either.

I know how frustrating it was to have to ask for something from HSBC. They suck you into accounts, hoping it will be hard to close the longer you have the account.

I would personally close it after I applied for another card or two at most.

Your Discover and Citi should be at least 12 months old though before applying for more cards, so there's good activity reported on them.

Good luck! Hope this helps... I hope I didn't ramble on too much.
Comment 5 by meya
Ding Dong User Icon on 2008-12-05

Remarks I don't know if you like coffee or not, but I think it is time for you to at least smell it. HSBC is not the kind of card that you should expect nice cli's from. You are correct, they do not grow with you, they just open up doors for you. Once you have walked through hell and see the tier one light, it is time to move on. I know everyone says sock drawer my oldest trade line, but you know what HSBC and I are gong to have to depart. If my scores drop, "WHO CARES!" The power of my other cards will bring it right back.

I do thank HSBC for opening up doors for me, but I am going to have to treat them like we are girlfriend/boyfriend and let them know, if you are not for me, then I don't need you. DIVORCE! My other creditors will understand, I am pretty sure creditors know more about sub-primed cards than we do. They will still be on my credit report, "Closed by consumer" but the good thing is that, if you opened up other credit cards along with the HSBC card, then there is no serious impact on your scores if you close it. For example, if you have HSBC and a few other cards with a 5 year history, 1 dropped is not going to impact hard because the other 4 has the same 5 year history. HSBC is not a good card for someone to tag along with other cards, while the other cards are now in the thousands, HSBC is still lingering around in the hundreds... Whatever!
Comment 6 by brian23
Sorry To Hear About... User Icon on 2008-12-05

Remarks Your esperience. But, since you already have the real discover card, you should definitely just let this card go before your stuck with it for even longer and than it causes even worse of an impact on your CR.

Just a thought...

Comment 7 by patrick12
Direct Rewards Platinum User Icon on 2008-12-05

Remarks Its true they wont increase your limit, but I just keep applying for the regular discover card and then get countered for the Direct Rewards, then I take that card and combine it in to my other direct rewards card that I have voila! I have my credit limit up to $900.00, so you can increase it, just have to hit a different angle, so far its worked out great!
Comment 8 by colonative
HSBC User Icon on 2008-12-05

Remarks I hate how two of the worst banks are the only ones that offer Discover (HSBC/GEMB) because it will give Discover a band name. Not sure why BofA and CitI don't offer them.

Anyway, HSBC is a forgien owned bank, I wont do business with them.
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