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Written by: anonymous on 2007-08-02

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anonymous's review: Callout Comment We opened this card for my boyfriend as a start to building his credit. After receiving the card he called the activation # that was on the card and after speaking to someone was told the card was active. Long story short after 2 more attempts to unsuccessfully activate the card we decided to cancel it. GOOD LUCK GETTING AHOLD OF ANYONE!! We only found a non automated customer service number after searching online, when my boyfriend got a rep on the phone they were EXTREMELY rude and said they could cancel the card, but we would still owe all their fees on a card we had for a matter of weeks and was never even active, they then hung up on him before he had a chance to respond. A few days later someone from Continental Finance's payment dept called again my boyfriend told them to cancel, this representative eventually agreed to cancel the card and reverse the fees, and then hung up on us again(that's the 2nd rep who did that)-I strongly recommend that no one apply for this card unless you're a glutton for punishment- I recommend the Total Visa card.

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