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Written by: kdb112908 on 2008-11-29

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kdb112908's review: Callout Comment I applied for this card after receiving a preapproved e-mail offer. This card has a low apr of 9.99% & 0.0% on balance transfers till December 2009. I can also save 10% off of my AT&T wireless bill. It also came with paypass. For those unfamiliar it works similiar to mobil speedpass. Your able to use it at certain stores like circle K. The only minor down fall would be the low CL of $1300. This is definately a good card with many benefits. Another thing that suprised me was the short time it took to get the card. It was less than five days before I received it.


Comment 1 by colonative
Congratulations User Icon on 2008-11-29

Remarks I've had this card for almost 10 years now back when it still had a calling card #. They keep redesigning their card...

Anyway, the $1,300 limit is not written in stone; this is a Citi card afterall. Just register for account online and there is a tab for a credit line increase. I'd say give it 6 months with some good utilization and then request the CLI. It is a soft inquiry and takes effect right away.

Good luck with the card.
Comment 2 by wanderer
AT&T Credit Card User Icon on 2008-11-29

Remarks I had an AT & T Mastercard & Visa with $26K CL on one and $28K CL on the other. Had tele numbers on them too. Closed both of them when I filed the big BK 09/2001. They treated me great and gave me way more credit line than I could use. Use the card well and Citibank will take care of you.
Comment 3 by thomas1
AT & T UNIVERSAL User Icon on 2008-11-30

Remarks Don't worry about that credit line to start with. Citi loves to lend out increases after 6 months. If you use the card, keep utilization at 30% and under, you'll be good to go!

Most Citi increases don't even result in any kind of inquiry. Most are system generated by internal scoring process in-house. If you request an amount over the recommended increase amount online, then a soft pull may occur with the bureau they pull from, usually Experian and/or Transunion.

Any product from Citi is a good choice to have, and a strong appearance on any credit report.

Congrats on your approval!!
Comment 4 by tia530
Congrats! User Icon on 2008-12-01

Remarks Sounds like a great card to have.
Comment 5 by kdb112908
Re: Approved Update Card Status User Icon on 2009-11-15

Remarks Well a year later Citibank has definately taken care of me. The CL is now $4800 up from the original $1300. During the year I received 3 CLI On 03/09-$1000 06/09-$1000 10/09-$1500. This has definately been a good card for me.
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