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Written by: wildrage2 on 2008-11-26

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wildrage2's review: Callout Comment I've had this card for a year, and just got an e-mail telling me that their maintenence fee will be raised to $15/month (!!!) as of December 15. I've stuck with this crappy card for a year (opened 11/08), but have to admit that they never did me wrong, and never had a problem wiht the. I've been thinking about getting rid of it, and now an increase to $15/month (which I think is ridiculous!), is making me pull the trigger... I"m actualy glad they are raising it so it makes my decision easy. After a year my limit is only $450. I have since gotten cards from Hooters, Capital One, HSBC, Citi, and Barclays with much larger limits.

Bye, Bye Continental Finance!!


Comment 1 by colonative
Yikes User Icon on 2008-11-26

Remarks What was the fee before? If you have Hooters and Cap 1 this card can be kicked to the curb.
Comment 2 by kiejon9
Wildrage2 User Icon on 2008-11-26

Remarks Kick it to the curb.

maintenence fee $15/month ridiculous
Comment 3 by mrs628
Bye Bye Continental Finance User Icon on 2008-11-26

Remarks And good writtens
Comment 4 by meya
Kick It Like A 70 Yard Field Goal! User Icon on 2008-11-26

Remarks Throw this card away, you have made the best decision. Who in the world do they think they are? Charging some $180 for a card that have no luxury benefits whatsoever. They don't even give you that much cli in one year, let alone upgrades.

You don't need them, and you will not loose many (if any) points from your credit scores neither. Drop it like it's hot Buddie, show them what you are made of. YOU are stronger than ever here, and do not tolerate anything beneath your financial standards.
Comment 5 by brian23
Amen Everyone.... User Icon on 2008-11-27

Remarks Thats crazy. The fee went from 12 to 15 dollars a month. Thank god I dropped them about 3-4 months ago. Wildrage, its time for you to do the same. They have a 10 day hold on their payments. Its ridiculous.
Comment 6 by mrrob
What??? User Icon on 2008-11-29

Remarks Are you serious? Get rid of that card

Comment 7 by mwmmagee
Look Read People User Icon on 2009-04-02

Remarks I keep reading that this is a bad card. Well... Live with it, you are rebuilding your Credit. They do report to EQ, EX, TU. I keep hearing people giving advise that you should close this card... NEVER CLOSE A CREDIT CARD unless you want to see you score Drop. It will be on your credit History for 7 years, and you will be worse off than before because it will look like you can't even maintain a credit card with a 300.00 credit limit. Bite the bullet and pay the stupid 10.00 fee.
Comment 8 by interjack
Never Say Never User Icon on 2009-04-02

Remarks I closed a few cards and my FICO went up. Too many open accts w/ balances can hurt your score. Also, the cards you do have open, use them. The worst case scenario is your accts being closed by the credit grantor.
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