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Written by: patrick12 on 2008-11-22

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patrick12's review: I just applied and got approved for this Capital One credit card with a 300.00 credit line, I went ahead and transferred my tribute balance over to this card, no annual fee, credit steps credit increase in three months and no interest until May 2009!


Comment 1 by colonative
Congrats on 2008-11-22

Would you mind posting which bureau they pulled and what the score was? This helps others who might be considering the card.
Comment 2 by patrick12
Bureau Pulled on 2008-11-22

In regards to colonative, they pulled experian with a score of 562 or whatever, I can feel some tension from me and colonative, must be cause I am the new kid on the block! Well there you go sorry if I dissapointed any one on the globe, I will try to be more considerate of others in the future, I also want to give a shout out to everyone on this site, the information that we all gather and share does make things easier! Happy Holidays Guys! Lets not take things so serious, after all this is only a site to share information
Comment 3 by colonative
??? on 2008-11-22

No tention at all from me. Just asking. People reading the reviews want to get some feedback before they apply on their own.

No hard feelings, just asking questions.
Comment 4 by jeepy1983
.. on 2008-11-22

Colonative, didn't think you were being inconsiderate when asking a simple question for info regarding a credit score and which bureau. Yes patrick this is and informational site, so if you don't post that kind of info it isn't really going to help anyone else on here.
Comment 5 by arod
Capital One on 2008-11-22

You did the right choice by getting rid of fee's you will love capital one but always pay one time. Don't go over credit limit and buy small things so that it active... In about three months you should get a credit line increase.

Also if you need banks for credit repair that wont kill you in fees.

Also try.



these cards are also good but you doing the right thing Congrats

Good luck to you.

Comment 6 by colonative
Jeepy83 on 2008-11-22

Thanks. I think he is referring to my comment on his HSBC Discover review. Upon reading it again I could see where he might think I was being a jerk. That was not my intention. However, we all need to be a little more thick skinned here. It is hard to pick up on nuances in writing.

As far as I am concerned though, this constitutes drama. So lets all get back to the reviews.
Comment 7 by thomas1
Congrats on 2008-11-22

I see you did apply for Cap One and was approved!!


My review on your Cortrust review suggested that you try Cap One, and you did!! Way to go!!

Wait a while before applying for other cards and build your history with these. Remember, too many inquiries within a 12 month period would be considered negative on your reports, and will affect your scores. I don't want to see that happen seeing that you're building now. I love seeing posts where people are finally getting their dignity back :-)

Great job, Patrick12
Comment 8 by meya
Way To Go! on 2008-11-22

That was a smart move Patrick12, it feel so good to hear someone being approved for a cap1 card. Welcome to the family and we know you are going to enjoy this card.

Oh, one question, did you close the Tribute card (when balance transfer was complete) or are you going to keep it due to old trade?
Comment 9 by thomas1
TRIBUTE on 2008-11-23

Good question, Meya. If Tribute is your oldest tradeline, you may want to sockdrawer it, and maybe go for another card like Hooters, or Orchard so you

have another tradeline.

Reason is, if you closed the Tribute, you only have

the brand new Cap One on your reports. You still may want to keep it and sockdrawer it. I know its a hassle to pay the monthly fee, but you'll have your oldest tradeline on your report, then go for another card. You don't want your report to look like you started all over again by closing your oldest tradeline.

Hope I made sense in what I wanted to say
Comment 10 by meya
Straight To The Point on 2008-11-23

You could have never said it any better Thomas!!
Comment 11 by patrick12
No on 2008-11-24

No I kept the Tribute card open, I just didn't want to carry a balance on it every month, so far its been a great card, just wanted to get a better deal on the money that I borrowed on it, I also wanted to let you guys know that if you charge with a catalog called 7th Avenue, Swiss Colony, Ect... They do not report to your credit bureau, I called them and they said the only time they report is when you don't pay or when you apply for credit, just wanted to let you all know that! Thanks guys!
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