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Written by: iantha1 on 2008-11-12

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iantha1's review: Callout Comment I have had this card for 4 months now. They report to all 3 credit b's. And when I call them I get fast service. I even had an issue with an un auth charge and they removed it for me with in a week. And once I hit my 6 month term I will get a credit limit increase. When I applied for this card is was a 200 credit limit. And not only that I can make my monthly payments online or at any store that sells there reload cards. And last but not least it is reported on all 3 b as a credit card(no pre paid). I will keep this card. Becouse they have been nothing but a blesing in regards to boosting my scores.


Comment 1 by colonative
I Didn't Know User Icon on 2008-11-12

Remarks That they reported prepaid cards to the bureaus. That is pretty cool because it could help down the line.
Comment 2 by iantha1
Update User Icon on 2008-11-12

Remarks Again this is not a pre paid card- green dot does carry this as a real credit card. You pay th anual fee. And you get the card with 200 limit.
Comment 3 by colonative
Ah User Icon on 2008-11-12

Remarks Well, I didn't know they had that either. Congratulations
Comment 4 by thomas1
GREEN DOT User Icon on 2008-11-12

Remarks Congrats on your card. Sounds like its really helping you in your rebuilding phase. Very soon you can apply for Cap1 or Orchard Bank.

They will also help with rebuilding

Enjoy the card!!
Comment 5 by meya
Way To Go User Icon on 2008-11-12

Remarks We need to hear more good info about secured cards, because it seems like this is where majority of the rebuilders will have to turn to. I hope that izan30 is reading this because he was just telling us about how he was denied a secured card from bofa. This will probably work better for him.
Comment 6 by charonh
It Isn't A Prepaid Card User Icon on 2008-11-13

Remarks First, congratulations, its good to see that you are pleased with the card. I have seen this offer in Walgreens, RiteAid, and CVS Pharmacy in my area. I thought it was a prepaid until I read the terms/conditions. I have one of their prepaid cards that I use for certain purchases, mainly ongoing subscriptions, therefore I was able to tell the difference immediately. Again, congrats and enjoy your card. I'm sure it will open the door for many more opportunities.
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