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Written by: eldarwen on 2008-10-31

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eldarwen's review: Callout Comment After I got a CLD from my Amex Clear, I went on to apply for this card. I don't have a card that gives airline rewards. On the BofA website to this card, it states that for every dollar that I spend, I get 1.25 WorldPoints. I can redeem those for cash, unrestricted travel, hotel benefits, car rentals, merchandise, and gift certificates. I really like the choices that I get for using this card. I have had this card for two months and have used it a few times (paid in full every month). I have racked up over 100 points. The customer service is great and didn't try to sell me anything like other companies do. The card is black and looks really cool, but I really love my rewards. This will be the card that I am going to use for my vacations and such. What I dislike is the fact that in the user agreement that they do state that the pay by date is never the same, so I can't count on it being the same day every month. My credit limit is $2,000 and the APR is 15.99%, but when you pay in full every month, the interest rate does not matter much.


Comment 1 by meya
Way To Go User Icon on 2008-10-31

Remarks I will give you full credit for the approval and the interesting posting, but you know how I feel about amex... Lol. Ooook, let me give you another credit for Bofa name on top... Lol!

Keep us updated with your overall usage of the card. Congrats!
Comment 2 by thomas1
BOA AMEX User Icon on 2008-10-31

Remarks Congrats on your approval!! Would you mind sharing your scores with us at the time of application?

Which bureau (s) did they pull from?

Enjoy your card!

Comment 3 by eldarwen
As Far As I Know User Icon on 2008-10-31

Remarks I do recall that my scores were around 725 for the approval.
Comment 4 by pumbaablah
Thumbs Up User Icon on 2008-10-31

Remarks Congrats on the card... I will try for this card next year.
Comment 5 by hjm331
RE: Meya User Icon on 2008-11-01

Remarks AMEX has no control of this card nor any other AMEX co-branded cards. This card is fully operated by BOA.
Comment 6 by januarym7
Awesome User Icon on 2008-11-01

Remarks Thanks for the comment :) Congrats on your new card nice limit, maybe one day I will be there.
Comment 7 by colonative
BofA Amex User Icon on 2008-11-01

Remarks Congratulations on the new account. $2,000 limit for a 725 score seems a bit low but hang in there, BofA is notorious for giving insane credit line increases.

Did you close the Amex Clear after they CLD you?
Comment 8 by eldarwen
That Is What I Heard User Icon on 2008-11-01

Remarks I heard that they do give good increases. So I am not worried about it. I think the pulled Equifax, or it could have been Experian. I can't remember now. I had the Amex Clear before they CLD'ed me.
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