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Written by: cabana7 on 2008-10-28

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cabana7's review: Callout Comment EX690 TU669 EQ606... Approved with an intial credit line of $300.00 with the promise of an increase after

3 months... Have used the card once for $200.00 and then paid my bill in full online (still takes 7 days to post) will now throw this card in the drawer and not use... I pay my accounts in full every month but $300.00 credit line too easy to go over limit will use when they increase.


Comment 1 by dunta
Cli User Icon on 2008-10-28

Remarks You may need to make a small purchase every month as a good gesture. I think they are more likely to increase people who use the card more often.
Comment 2 by colonative
Capital One User Icon on 2008-10-28

Remarks When I got mine in 1998 there were no "credit steps" and I had to wait 15 months for a credit line increase so consider yourself lucky. Building credit takes time and Capital One is a great partner in that-but you can't expect it to come so easily.

I can't even remember all of the other credit cards I have had (and closed) over the past ten years but my Capital One turns 11 in January and I still have them.

If you handle your card wisely Capital One will reward your loyalty.
Comment 3 by rivasglo
About CapOne User Icon on 2008-10-28

Remarks The ICL for CapOne accounts are mostly small.

I started like this:

06/2007 - CL $500

10/2007 - CL $750

03/2008 - CL $1250

09/2008 - CL $3250

This card grew with me and I hope it continues to grow. They like to see you use the card and manage it by making payments on-time and not going OCL.

BTW IMO, its easy to go OCL with any card. Regardless of the CL. If you handle your finances and CC's well then there shouldnt be a reason why you would go OCL, the only person you would have to blame is yourself for being careless and not paying attention.

Regarding the online payments thru the CapOne website, my payments post either that night or the following night. It shouldnt be taking that long each time for your payment to post, specially if its made online. This only happens if its your first payments, if its still happened, I recomm u call C/S.
Comment 4 by thomas1
Cap One User Icon on 2008-10-28

Remarks I love Cap One, have had since April 08. Started at 1k initially, and increased now to 4k.

I use often, pay often in full, and they keep rewarding me.

I can't understand why it takes 7 days to post if you pay online. I've never heard of a payment taking that long to post with them.

Anyone else???

Continue to use it, and continue to pay it, once you get the account seasoned 6 months or greater, the increases come approx every 3-5 months. Don't just sockdrawer it because it won't report any activity, thus not giving your scores a chance to increase, but decrease due to inactivity.

You need to have some sort of revolving balance from month to month in order for them to report activity with the new FICO 08'. Inactive accounts aren't going to report very much longer once it goes into full effect.

This is going to hurt a lot of people, including pay in fulls
Comment 5 by rross0717
Cap 1 User Icon on 2008-10-29

Remarks Cap 1 will take 7 to 10 days to post with new accounts. After 3 payments they wont do this anymore.
Comment 6 by hjm331
RE: Thomas1 User Icon on 2008-10-30

Remarks Capital One waits for the payment to clear from the bank and posts it after a week or so. They do this with about 3 payments and you're good to go after that.
Comment 7 by thomas1
Hjm User Icon on 2008-10-31

Remarks They deduct the payment from the balance, but don't add to the available credit until it clears. Weird, some banks do this, mainly subprime. Cap One has never done this to me, ever. All my top tier cards have never done it, except Citi, put an online payment restriction for the first 7 months that you can't pay online but every 15 days.

After that, unlimited.
Comment 8 by bigblue
Backdoor # User Icon on 2008-11-11

Remarks Hello everyone new to Finance Globe I would like to know if Cap 1 has backdoor # how do I get it would like a increase for the holidays thanks
Comment 9 by bigblue
Backdoor # User Icon on 2008-11-21

Remarks I was recently on the forum asking for backdoor # and got #s for capital one the #s I called were 877 513959 and 800 951 6951 to ask for CLI and both #s were a middleeastern man they denied right away I've heard good stuff about these #s can anyone help don't know which #to call if there a definite # HELP.
Comment 10 by yoyo11
Hmm User Icon on 2008-11-21

Remarks Did your card hit two statements yet? 877-513-9959 is a good number...
Comment 11 by kbs
800-889-9939 User Icon on 2008-11-21

Remarks Work For Me
Comment 12 by marym
Doesn't Work Always User Icon on 2008-11-21

Remarks You won't always get an increase. They like lots of usage and like yoyo said, wait for two statements to cut then you can try. If you get denied you can always call again in a month.
Comment 13 by thomas1
BACKDOOR NUMBER User Icon on 2008-11-21

Remarks Doesn't always work, especially now, with this economy.

I think, even they have tightened the wallet, so to speak.

This is why they are a solid company, and the other big banks are really hurting.

I would wait for 4 statements to cycle, and then call
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