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Written by: thomas1 on 2008-10-26

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thomas1's review: I applied for this card a few days after Citi Drivers Edge and just received it.



APR-prime+3.99, 0% for 6 mos, and 0% on BT until 11/09

I wanted this card for some time as well, and figured i'd wrap my apps up with this one. I know, Meya I am having issues with the "submit" button, lol!

I like the fact that you can switch from cash to points whenever. I haven't seen that feature available from anyone without converting it to whatever reward you want.


Comment 1 by eldarwen
Congrat on 2008-10-26

On your new card! The Chase Freedom Visa is a good card if you are not a person that charges a lot in a single month.
Comment 2 by colonative
Thomas! on 2008-10-26

We might have to have a credit intervention my friend!

Just kidding. Congrats on the new card.

Is this a Signature?
Comment 3 by ashes
Converted My Amazon Card on 2008-10-26

I converted my Amazon.com card issued by Chase to Chase Freedom last night. I have a $15.5k limit on it and have had the Amazon card for 3+ years. CS was helpful and they would mail me the Freedom card in 3-5 days. I wanted a card with flexible cash rewards, not tied to Amazon. So I am going to start using this card more often.
Comment 4 by dunta
Nice on 2008-10-26

Congrats. This is an attractive looking card and I hope you enjoy it. However, I don't use Chase and I am turned off by their customer service. Here's why: my sister called to ask them to lower her interest rate. The guy from chase said no then he proceeded to sucker her into getting the payment protector plan by basically lying to her over the phone about what it was. He made it sound like it was a one time fee that would automatically eliminate her interest. Don't be fooled by their deceptive customer service.
Comment 5 by bluesmoke1
Congrats!! on 2008-10-26

Congrats on your new card - ENJOY!
Comment 6 by meya
Wahoooo! on 2008-10-26

I knew this was a blow for me, but you go with your bad self! I am drooling for this card, but to know my Buddie got approved where I was denied, makes it all better...:)

Go ahead check yourself into the Credit Addict Club, you deserve it bro!... Lol

Comment 7 by jpnguyen
Nice CL on 2008-10-27

Congrats on the card, nice CL too =)

=/ Kind of sad, I signed up for this card a month ago and wasn't given a 0% intro apr, there was a $50 statement credit at the time.
Comment 8 by thomas1
Chase on 2008-11-22

Yes, its a signature, and is already on my reports
Comment 9 by thomas1
Re: APPROVED on 2013-06-18

Auto cli to 9.3k 4/2013
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