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Written by: dm on 2008-10-25

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dm's review: 5K credit limit. Truecredit scores of 660-680. I was shocked. B of A will not increase the CL on my other account with a 1K limit, but they approved me for this. Strange. 0% BT offer for 12 months. 9.90% APR on purchases. I bank with them and have been very happy. I'm also glad to have another AMEX card to accompany my Citi Premier Pass.


Comment 1 by charonh
Congratulations! on 2008-10-25

Enjoy your new card. I bank with them too and wouldn't have it any other way.
Comment 2 by arod
WOW Great Card on 2008-10-25

I will say that BOA does have it's good cards even though I am a second card holder to my wife BOA.

But I will have this card someday.

Congrats on your approval and good luck.

Comment 3 by thomas1
CONGRATS!! on 2008-10-26

Congrats on your approval! Enjoy your card!!
Comment 4 by wanderer
Congrats! on 2008-10-26

This card carries a real American Express account number and has AX benefits. Surprised myself and got the HSBC AX with the real AX benefits with Cash access through Cirrus ATMS.
Comment 5 by ashes
Were You Pre Approved on 2008-10-27

Were you pre approved or did you apply without an invitation? I have a FIA Card Services Mastercard from BofA and was wondering if that makes any difference.
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