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Written by: miner_49 on 2008-10-18

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miner_49's review: Callout Comment Been getting preapprovals for months on this card since my scores climbed to 690s. I finnally applied this month when my EX was at 712 (They pulled EX) and received instant approval.


Comment 1 by jpnguyen
Wonderful User Icon on 2008-10-18

Remarks Nice! How long is your credit history btw? I'm dying for an official AMEX card. Only AMEX I have is from Citibank.
Comment 2 by dunta
Nice Card. User Icon on 2008-10-18

Remarks Congratulations on earning this charge card. Is this your first American Express?
Comment 3 by arod
Congrats !! User Icon on 2008-10-18

Remarks This card is fantastic even if you pay for $125.00 annual fee the membership rewards are great !!

You will love this card I have had the card since 2007 and I love this card.

Good luck to you and enjoy your new Amex card.

Take care,

Comment 4 by thomas1
AMEX User Icon on 2008-10-18

Remarks I am darn grateful to have an Amex issued by Citi and not Amex itself.

Congrats on your approval! Be sure to keep all utlilization low on your other accounts and with Amex. They are decreasing/closing credit limits right now, and have been due to the economy.

They go on these rampages on a whim, and could finance review your account. Be sure you keep your scores steady also, Amex looks at your bureau reports sometimes twice a month and will sit and wait to your scores to go down, or balances creep up on other acccounts, and then you know the story.

During these hard economic times, I wouldn't go out and charge huge amounts or large purchases with the card. Hopefully, Amex will come around when things lighten up abit.

BTW, nice scores as well!
Comment 5 by meya
Congrats User Icon on 2008-10-18

Remarks Nice scores! How much was your limit? Or is this a non preset spending limit cc?
Comment 6 by cireone
AMEX User Icon on 2008-10-18

Remarks Its a charge card so I believe theres no pre-set spending limit and you have to pay in full every month.
Comment 7 by meya
That's Right User Icon on 2008-10-19

Remarks Yeah, I slipped in my head on this one, I forgot about their charge cards... Lol. Well it seems to me that they should not be freezing accounts with this card because they have to pay it back in 30 days anyway. Right?
Comment 8 by miner_49
Credit History. User Icon on 2008-10-19

Remarks To answer the question, my credit scores recenltly crossed the threshold where they are all in the low 700's after I got a collection removed. However, I still have 45 lates (12 are 90+days) from 5 to just over 3 years ago. I started getting pre-approvals in the mail since the beginning of the year when my scores climbed into the high 680's and low 690s.

I once had a green card back in 1989 when I was in college. I got this card in hopes that they will backdate the open date to that time to help with my credit length. So I'm not too concerned with Amex's insane CLD, AA, FR behavior. When I actually have to pay an AF next year, then we'll see.
Comment 9 by colonative
Miner 49 User Icon on 2008-10-19

Remarks When you say backdate you mean just internally right? I had a Gold card from 1999 that I closed three years ago because of the annual fee. When I opened my Blue this year my online account management says Member Since 1999 but I am sure my credit report will have the new tradeline with an open date of 9/2008. Or do you know different?
Comment 10 by colonative
Miner49 Update User Icon on 2008-11-04

Remarks This is an older posting so I don't know if anybody will see this but here goes...

What Miner49 said is true. Amex truely does backdate your opening date if you have a previous American Express.

I just opened an Amex Blue 9/2008. I just pulled my credit bureau and they are reporting it as opened 9/1999!!! They take the month you opened the new account and add it to the year you opened your first Amex.

This is priceless because a new account will lower your credit score. Amex is reporting a two month old account as a nine year old account. They are fantastic nobody else does that!
Comment 11 by wanderer
American Express User Icon on 2008-11-08

Remarks It seems everyone is in love with the "true" American Express Card. Reality, after the legal battles were over many banks were directed to offer the Amercian Express Card. If you look at the account number of a quote true American Express Card and the account number of an American Express Card issued by another bank you will see it starts with "3" and goes on. You will find that the cards have access to over 2200 American Express Offices and ATM's beyond the true American Express Card. You are getting the equivalent of an American Express Card with in many cases better card issuers and better card benefits. I have had both and glad I swithced to one of the other bank issuers for my American Express needs. Also, I don't have to deal with the ups and downs of American Express. As many of you know American Express goes through cycles even more then regular bank card issuers.
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