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Written by: wanderer on 2008-10-17

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wanderer's review: Callout Comment Became a Wells Fargo Banking client today. The representative worked to get me a Wells Fargo Platinum Visa which was denied BK 09/2001. The representative then tried for a Wells Fargo Secured Visa and got "pending". The rep explained to me that if the bank was included in BK, could be black listed forever! Scores were TU 719 EQ 697 EX 706.


Comment 1 by meya
U Never Lied User Icon on 2008-10-17

Remarks I was told the same thing by a rep at Wells Fargo. I used to bank with them back in the days and I had a checking account that I let go bad. The rep (who denied my checking account a few years ago) told me that since I owed them money, which was not showing in check systems anymore, I would not be able to get an account with them. Not only that, I was not able to get a cc from them neither because of it. It seems to me like they work the same all over because I live in San Francisco and I have encountered the same info you did.

Good luck on the secured card, if it comes through, put it on the Network board so we can bring this to others attention.
Comment 2 by thomas1
Sorry To Hear That! User Icon on 2008-10-17

Remarks Yes, it is true, some banks will blacklis customers who have stung them in the past. If I were you, i'd find a bank who is a little more BK friendly, and open a checking and credit card account with them. I would be moving on if my bank was like that, and with those scores you will get a credit card.

I know that Cap One is BK friendly, BOA isn't. Guess it depends on where you live and what choices you have in your area.

Good luck
Comment 3 by mrrob
Go With BOA User Icon on 2008-10-21

Remarks IF the secured card does not work with Wells Fargo, I would go with Bank of America

Comment 4 by wanderer
Approved User Icon on 2008-10-22

Remarks Finally, I have received approval for my firts big bank! YES... There is hope...?!
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