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Written by: bluesmoke1 on 2008-10-15

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bluesmoke1's review: Callout Comment I was approved online with a CL of $8,000 and an APR of 10.49%, 0% BT for 12 months. I think this will be a great card but I was thinking that I would rather have the Diamond preferred Rewards American Express card instead. Does anyone know if Citi would convert this card to the Am Ex version? If so would they do another credit pull. I haven't used the card yet.

Thanks for your help



Comment 1 by jpnguyen
It Is A Possibility User Icon on 2008-10-15

Remarks Nice Congrats, nice CL

I was recently approved for the card also. Looks like you'll be approved for another card if you apply because of the high CL, second card would be much lower like 2500-3000.

Anyway, I already tried to convert my Citi AAdvantage platinum select, CSR said she can only give it a shot if I had the card in hand.

I'll update after I get my card, should be this week
Comment 2 by thomas1
CONGRATS!! User Icon on 2008-10-16

Remarks Yes, Citi would convert to another card brand. They don't pull any reports as you were just approved. We never pulled another credit report, we could just convert them at the push of a button.

That is a card you will enjoy, so is the Diamonds Preferred Amex. I have 3 accounts with Citi, and they are excellent with their cardholders

Enjoy your card
Comment 3 by bluesmoke1
Thanks For The Info! User Icon on 2008-10-16

Remarks Great! I will call them tomorrow to convert, can I do this through the regular CSR number or should I call the back door number?
Comment 4 by thomas1
BLUESMOKE/CITI User Icon on 2008-10-16

Remarks Hi,

To my knowledge Citi doesn't have a backdoor number. Call the number on the back of your card once you receive it. Customer service can handle this conversion right over the phone. Just make sure that you ask them if they pull a bureau, and I don't think they do, at least we didn't when I worked for Citi. They should have it done within 2 minutes of your request.

Please advise back on the forum here, as I might be interested in converting one of my cards to another brand. That way we have up to date info on this.

Comment 5 by bluesmoke1
CARD CONVERTED!! User Icon on 2008-10-16

Remarks Hi,

I just called Citi in an attempt to convert my Citi Diamond Preferred Reward card to a Am Ex branded card, at first I talked to customer service and was told that it was not possible to convert the card, I then asked to speak to an account manager, he investigated whether or not I would lose certain point rewards by converting, (which I will not), the only downside was that I can only get cash from an American Express service center and not an ATM machine as you can with a Visa or Mastercard.

I normally don't take cash advances so I think I can live with that.
Comment 6 by rivasglo
Congrats! User Icon on 2008-10-16

Remarks Congrats on the card and the conversion!

SO there was no additional CBR pulled right?


w/ Chase when my card was upgraded to a siggie, the apr went from 8.99 to 14.99! Even if they tell you theres no change make sure you check it carefully. Ive seen it happen w/ some customers at Citi.
Comment 7 by thomas1
Conversion User Icon on 2008-10-16

Remarks Congrats Bluesmoke on the conversion. Sometimes it takes persistence, and customer service reps don't always know the policy. You might have gotten a new rep. I knew it could be done. Way to go!

Let us know if they pulled a bureau, and you kept the same credit limit and apr.

Nice job!
Comment 8 by bluesmoke1
NO CHANGES! User Icon on 2008-10-16

Remarks Hi,

I logged on to my Citi account and it already shows the new card with a new account number, the credit line is still showing $8,000 and the APR has not changed.

I did not check my report yet to see if there was an inquiry, the credit manager assured me that there would not be one because the card was just approved and all they were doing was converting it.

Thanks for all help.
Comment 9 by colonative
Citibank Rules User Icon on 2008-10-16

Remarks I will say it over and over again, Citibank rules and I love them. I wish they would go back to their old logo though...
Comment 10 by rickella
Tried To Convert But... User Icon on 2008-10-17

Remarks I have had my Diamond Preferred card since April and have been itching to convert at least to a Diamond Preferred Rewards but when I spoke with a CSR he told me I would have to use all my points beforehand. That would be impossible. Any suggestions just for an upgrade? I would be okay losing points if it came to that. Thanks as always for the terrific advice.
Comment 11 by colonative
Rickella User Icon on 2008-10-18

Remarks You could first try to convert it to a Platinum Select and then a month later convert that to a Diamond Rewards.
Comment 12 by thomas1
Conversion User Icon on 2008-11-02

Remarks I would not convert it to one and then another a month later. That would probably be denied. They want to see action on the account and manageability.

Keep the account for 6 months, and then go for it.

That info also shows up on your report tradelines. It just gets hairy, and could be suspect.

Wait and then try
Comment 13 by silva1
Credit Line User Icon on 2008-12-05

Remarks Hello,

I just got this credit card with a CL of 2500, does anybody know in how long can I get a CL increase? This card is realy good.

Comment 14 by thomas1
CITI User Icon on 2008-12-05

Remarks Citi likes good usage with low utilization. Keep your balances low. They will generally prompt you for a cli at 6 months and is usually a nice increase each time.

That is if you use online, you can choose credit limit increase in the "where to go box" at sign in. They generally won't pull a bureau as it is all done in-house by their scoring system internally.

Good luck, and great card to have! I have 3 accounts with them, and love them!
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