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Written by: wildrage2 on 2008-10-12

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wildrage2's review: I was just approved with an initial CL of $3,000. I don't really need this card, but I wanted to help out my utilization, so I crossed my fingers and applied.

Not sure what report they pulled from, but I'm pretty much between 630 and 650 across the board.


Comment 1 by arod
Congrats!! on 2008-10-12

Congrats on your approval great card... Enjoy your new card.

Take care,

Comment 2 by lindalu
Did You Apply On Line? on 2008-10-12

Did you apply on line or at the store? I am having trouble applying on line... Keep getting system error... Just wondering if maybe you have to go to the store now to apply

Comment 3 by wildrage2
Online on 2008-10-12

I applied online about 4 hours ago and it worked fine. Try it from a different computer.
Comment 4 by meya
Wahooo on 2008-10-12

Way to go wildrage! Kay's is truly out showing us some love. We should recommend this card to all re builders and halt them from applying with crown jewels. I am so happy for you.
Comment 5 by thomas1
Congrats!! on 2008-10-12

Congrats on your approval Wildrage!

Enjoy your card. Thats a nice limit too!
Comment 6 by wildrage2
Crown on 2008-10-12

Yeah... Don't get me wrong, I think Crown Jewelers is a good rebuilder, but I can't help but get the feeling that they're not a 'real' jewelry store. Even the statements seem almost fake. Kay's actually has upscale stores on a national level, so I'm happy I got this one. Thanks for all of your positive comments!
Comment 7 by kiejon9
Kays on 2008-10-12

Way to go I well recommend this card to everyone I know and kays is better then Crown jewels and thank God Crown jewels is know longer in the mall were I shop at I think it was my mother that told me that Crown jewels went or going out of Business
Comment 8 by yoyo11
Congrads!! on 2008-10-13

I'm gonna wait til Christmas to apply for this card!!
Comment 9 by bigty914
APRROVED REAL Low Need Advice :( on 2008-10-14

OK... So I was approved for a 300$ limit I belive with kay jewlers I belive?

but yea I have real badd credit... I have no idea my credit score could be like 400 or something... I jus know its low..

this year I was also approved for an orchard bank Gold card...300$ limit...

so when I was approved for the kays I'm thinking my credit must be getting a little better...

i have 1 negative account on my experian I owe to ballys total fitness..( they robbed me long story)

so yea... So jus wanna know will that one negative on my experian account prevent mefrom getting better credit limits?
Comment 10 by debtor00
Starter Card on 2008-10-14

If I'm not mistaken, Kay's gives a 300 Dollar limit on it's credit rebuilder cards. This is a great place to start cause there are no annual fees and it reports to all 3 bureaus. Most likely, if you make a purchase, you will have to put 20 percent down with this card. Once you have paid off your initial purchase (give it about 90 days to show some history), they will upgrade your card to either 400 or 500. They like you to use it reguarly, so be careful, if you have not used it in a while they will re pull your credit ( I think it's a bit of a scam to keep you shopping for jewelry). The good thing is they do report so hopefully after about a year you will have some other cards and you won't have to keep coming back!!! Have you tried orchard or cap one? They are great rebuilders. Bank of America's 99/500 is great too.
Comment 11 by debtor00
BTW on 2008-10-14

By the way, once they raise your credit limit from 300 dollars, it's no longer a rebuilder card and you don't have to put the 20 percent down with it, unless you use one of their special financing offers like no interest for a year.
Comment 12 by meya
Yup on 2008-10-14

Nice feedback Debtor00 (even though you been missing... Lol)

I agree with this posting bigty914 and if Bally's is the only thing wrong, you are not hardly in a bad situation like most of us. Use this link to come over to the network where you will meet so many members in your financial situation. We can work with you over there since it is where we are most open for questions and suggestions.


Again, congrats and welcome to the Network, where rebuilding is a must!
Comment 13 by meya
Xmas? on 2008-10-14

You better get on the train while it is moving 2 mph instead of trying to jump on it when it is going 80mph. If you fall off, I am just going to look at you and say "Oooops" with my Kay's card stuck on my forehead waving goodbye to you..., lmao!
Comment 14 by bigty914
COOl on 2008-10-14

Comment 15 by hjm331
Congrats! on 2008-10-14

Don't worry about the limit. Make sure you get them to start reporting on your reports and once you have a built a good payment history, you will start seeing your scores increase. Have you tried shootin for a PFD (Pay For Delete) with Bally's? PFD is where you pay them the full amount that you owe them and they delete the negative remark off of your report. But before you pay them, make sure that you ask them to send you a letter that when you pay in full, they will actually delete the negative mark off of your reports. Not all creditors will do this but it's definitely worth a try.
Comment 16 by debtor00
Hi Meya on 2008-10-14

Hi Meya, Sorry it seems like I've been gone, it's just that everyone else always has such great feedback I'm not usually necessary!

I just know this one pretty well cuz in college it was my job to "work the lease line" as they called it, for kay jewelers and get new people to apply or this card. We even got CASH prizes sometimes if we got a certain number of applications!
Comment 17 by meya
Woe on 2008-10-14

And you say that your info is useless. This is powerful, someone on the inside is providing us with info about the card. I think you should put this on the Network side, members are dying to hear about a card they applied (or want to) for.
Comment 18 by wildrage2
Good Start on 2008-10-14

Hey, the way I look at it, any store that's willing to give you credit without any types of fees like Continental Finance or First Premier, it's a good thing.

On a side note, I stopped by Kays at my mall yesterday. Gold prices are ridiculously expensive. I priced a gold chain and cross at around $1600.

The deal was 0% APR w/ 20% down and 12 equal payments.

A little price for me... Maybe I'll find a sale lol..
Comment 19 by mrrob
Keep The Card on 2008-10-14

If Kay gave you a card with a small CL keep it. It will assist in you rebuilding your credit. Eventually your numbers will go higher and the limit will increase

Comment 20 by thomas1
Kays on 2008-10-14

Congrats on your card, don't worry about the limit. You have your foot in the door, and over time and usage, your limit will gradually increase. They are giving you a chance to prove yourself to them. Just be sure to pay in full each month, or carry just a slight balance on the card to give them a tiny tiny bit of interest.

Hang in there, it will happen over time, but keep your credit clean in the meantime. I know how one thing can cause a snowball on your scores and Bally's is notorious for sending people to collection and reporting negatively to bureaus. They are jerks!! Enjoy the card!!
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