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Written by: anonymous on 2007-07-18

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anonymous's review: Callout Comment FICO of 600+ Required Only, No Bankruptcies to apply.


Comment 1 by gizmocruz
ALSO NO RECENT BADDIES User Icon on 2007-11-14

Remarks I had a couple of baddies on my Experian, but as long as they are AT LEAST two years old and you haven't filed bankruptcy, you have a shot at getting this card. Usually, it is a toy limit, but if you take care of it, AMEX will take very good care of you down the road.
Comment 2 by missmam
BK User Icon on 2007-11-14

Remarks Anyone applying for this card may want to check this site out also... Http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php? Autocom=creditpulls&code=do_search&creditor=amex%20delta&col=&order=&st=0
Comment 3 by paula
This Is The Only Card That I Use. User Icon on 2007-11-14

Remarks I got this card back in September with a measly $1K limit. After toying around on the AMEX website, I found a Request Credit Limit button imbedded in the Account Services tab. I was curious so I clicked on the request credit limit link and filled out the requested information. (It will ask you how much of an increase you are requesting and other questions) I put that I wanted a new limit of $5K and viola, the increase was granted immediately. I had only had the card for about three weeks before doing this. Not sure if it will work for everyone but theres no harm in giving it a try.
Comment 4 by missmam
RE: Paula User Icon on 2007-11-15

Remarks Did they do another hard pull on one of your credit reports for the increase or was it a soft pull?
Comment 5 by paula
RE: Missman User Icon on 2007-11-15

Remarks It was a soft pull.
Comment 6 by missmam
Paula User Icon on 2007-11-15

Remarks How long was it after you got the card did you request a limit increase. I don't what my limit is yet. I should get the card in about 7 days, but if it's a 1k limit... I need more... Lol:)
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