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Written by: bluesmoke1 on 2008-10-04

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bluesmoke1's review: I applied for the for the Blue Sky card online and was approved in less then 30 seconds. The CL is $10,000 with a 8.99 APR. TU 830, EX 821, EQ 837


Comment 1 by thomas1
CONGRATS on 2008-10-04

Congrats on your approval!! BTW, great scores and nice cl

I would keep low utilization on this card and pay in full. Amex is on a tangent reducing credit lines.
Comment 2 by mrrob
Congrats on 2008-10-04

Congrats on your approval, just watch your utilization, AMEX can be pretty tuff
Comment 3 by hjm331
Congrats! on 2008-10-05

Congrats on the new TL! Watch out for AMEX askin you for pay stubs or tax paperwork. They will suspend your account until you provide the necessary info or else they will close your account. They did this to me when I was approved for my first AMEX card. All I did was it pay off and sockdrawer it.

Good Luck
Comment 4 by kiejon9
Congrats on 2008-10-06

Congrats on your approval

I would keep low utilization on this card and pay in full. Amex good at reducing credit lines
Comment 5 by kiejon9
Congrats On The New Card on 2008-10-10

Congrats on the new card
Comment 6 by dunta
Nice Scores. on 2008-10-14

Wow, you have some impressive scores. Enjoy the new card. You deserve it!
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