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Written by: kiejon9 on 2008-09-22

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kiejon9's review: Callout Comment I received a pre-approved letter in the mail this month. Instantly approved for $25,000 with scores in the high 800's.


Comment 1 by meya
Way To Go User Icon on 2008-09-22

Remarks Now look, I know you are not out applying for credit again... Lol. I know you can not put all those cards in your wallet because it would look like you have a tumor on your buttocks if you do.

Way to go on your approval, that is a nice limit you got there.
Comment 2 by kiejon9
Washigton Mutual User Icon on 2008-09-22

Remarks Hello meya how are you doing today, I hope good. I am fine my wife had the baby so we are happy, and I don't carry all my cards with me. Lol and I love the limit on my new card I am not going to tell my wife. Lol
Comment 3 by mark
What? User Icon on 2008-09-22

Remarks This is certainly not the response I'm anticipating for Wamu..

with their condition as a BANK on the brink of extinction..

i hope people here are following on what's going on at Wallstreet..

Lehman Brothers, AIG, Merryl Lynch etc


congratulations with the pre approval..

but don't be surprised of after a month, another bank owns the company..

and YES I have a WaMU card as well, and some checking accounts..

right now, I think only BofA and Chase are the safe banks to be with..

oh well
Comment 4 by colonative
WaMu User Icon on 2008-09-22

Remarks And how many preapprovals did you get from them before you finally accepted?

I swear I have received at least 20 offers from them since June and that is not an exaggeration.

I don't have anything against WaMu but since their future is uncertain I won't be accepting any of their offers.

BofA and Citi all the way baby.
Comment 5 by thomas1
WAMU User Icon on 2008-09-22

Remarks There you go, nice job! Word on the street has it that Citi may be interested in Wamu's card portfolio.

That could be very good news for Wamu account holders if it turns out to be true.

I have 2 Citi cards, Platinum Dividend, and the Amex Dividend. Been with them for over 24 years plus. They, in my opinion, are tops for me.

I like hearing posts such as these
Comment 6 by cireone
WAMU CC User Icon on 2008-09-22

Remarks I thought that WaMu didn't issue that hogh of a CL to consumers. WOW, that's alot!!!

Congrats on the approval...

So whats the difference between the Visa and the MasterCard?????

I have the MasterCard, but was never offered the Visa. I also have a MyPoints Visa that is issued by WaMu.
Comment 7 by mark
Bank Is Closed! User Icon on 2008-09-25

Remarks So what now?

bank just gone under..

this is now JP Morgan..
Comment 8 by jmj3320
I'm Wondering The Same Thing... User Icon on 2008-09-30

Remarks I am wondering the same thing as Mark. I have this credit card. I see they have posted some new information on the WAMU website. What does this merger with JP Morgan Chase mean for credit card customers? Do you think they will change APRs, credit limits, or other account terms? From what I have gathered on the internet, they say this merger will not happen overnight and it may take up to one year before we see any major change. Anyone have any insight on this?
Comment 9 by rsty99
Got A Preapproval Letter Today? User Icon on 2008-09-30

Remarks Well should I frame this thing since they don't exsist, it might be worth something some day last pre-appoval letter from them. Just thought it was strange to get this today since they are now Chase.
Comment 10 by thomas1
Merger Of Wamu To Chase User Icon on 2008-10-03

Remarks Once the card portfolio is transferred to Chase, yes, all current membership and account terms will change, probably, aprs, account numbers as well.

Look forward to new cards being received with Chase bank prefix numbers which take out the old Wamu bank identifier numbers, but history on bureaus should not be hurt, as it would state "acct purchased or transferred" with relative member since date being the same as when you first were approved.

You will receive letters and new terms ofmembership. Who knows about credit lines, Chase could cut lines after reviews of accounts, etc.
Comment 11 by colonative
Merger With Chase/Thomas1 User Icon on 2008-10-05

Remarks I believe account numbers will remain the same. I have had my Chase MasterCard since 2001 and in 2004 Chase merged with Bank One. Basically what happened though, is that what used to be Bank One/First USA still exists and they took the Chase credit cards over. Statements, phone numbers and address changed to what used to be Bank One. My account number; however, is still the Chase issued one. New cardholders will be given a former Bank One/First USA BIN (4417, 4266, 4366, 5417 etc).

I received two offers for a WaMu Visa this weekend, I really hope those will stop now that Chase has taken over. Geez.
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