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Written by: meya on 2007-07-14

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meya's review: So sorry to hear what happened Cindy. Believe it or not, but everyone in here told the truth about the way FICO and creditors communicate. I am not sure which credit file Walmart just pulled but My highest score is just 643 and my lowest is 613 and they gave me a $400 limit today (online). I was rejected by Walmart at least 3 times before being accepted. Me, Jcpenny's, Layne Bryant (plus size women clothing dept.), Target (who I will never apply for again), Shell... Etc rejected me many of times... Girlfriend I can name a lot of companies. I am just now receiving some kind of attention from them. I have learned my lesson from the past, but my main feed back to Cindy is, "To every no, there is a Yes out there waiting for you. I hope this makes you feel better!


Comment 1 by meya
Suggestion on 2007-07-17


GEMB works with those who has little scores and have some "proven track records" of on-time, and pays-as-agreed status.
Comment 2 by moba25
I Agree With Cindy... on 2007-12-01

My median FICO is 673. I ran a search on here and applied for cards within the 640 range. I got denied by all of them so far. According to Experian, I have 100% available credit. I have never declared bankruptcy. And I have no derogatory refections on my credit. Also, I do have 2 major (although sub prime) credit cards. Both are paid off. One actually owes me 26.00 because I overpaid them when I paid it off. So there is no balance. ANd no reason why I should be denied other than these companies feel I should play cat and mouse with them. It is to the point where I feel like saying screw the credit. I have a Visa debit card. Why even try to give them my business when the obviously don;t want it.
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