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Written by: mrs628 on 2008-09-14

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mrs628's review: Callout Comment I found this card to be pretty decent. Of course the fees are high, but I can not complain as this is a subprime card. The customer service is great. They waived the over the phone fee everytime I paid them, and that payment posts immediately the next day if paid before 2:00p. M. I am going on my second CLI of $75.00, and it's automatic, I do not have to call it in. Overall, it's a pretty decent card. All of my friends have prime cards like Chase, Discover, Amex, etc. When I pull this one out they all seem to have the same reaction, curious as to what kind of card this is and who issues it... Lol. The only downside of this card is it only goes to a maximum of 2k CLI, and you can not use at the pump, I expected the fees when I researched the card, so I don't really consider that to be a downside. I would recommend this card for anyone rebuilding their credit.


Comment 1 by colonative
Why? User Icon on 2008-09-14

Remarks I've always wanted to know why it is called Rewards 660? It isn't really a rewards card and 660 is too close to 666 for my taste.

Maybe it means if you use the card, it will reward you with a 660 Fico score.
Comment 2 by casey
Answer User Icon on 2008-09-14

Remarks ColoNative... You are exactly right. I called about that one time a few years ago, and was told what you said. This card is for people with FICO under 660, The "reward" is by using the card your score will rise above 660, plus the CLI too.

I like my card, current limit is $1600, only 4 CLI left, but I NEVER been impressed with customer service, extremely inconsistent information. I still have to call in for ny CLI, my account is under old MetaBank terms, issued is 3/2005. One says 30 days for CLI, one says 2 days, one says a week... It has always been 2-3 days for me. Actually 2 of them were INSTANT! See the inconsistency...
Comment 3 by colonative
Casey User Icon on 2008-09-14

Remarks Thanks, Casey. That was really bugging me but now it makes sense.

Inconsistancy in customer service is never good. A lot of times it depends on the representative you get. Some of them have more skills and authority then others and frankly, in the world of customer service it is a revolving door so you might be talking to someone right out of training.

At the very least it is an attractive card design.
Comment 4 by hjm331
RE: Casey User Icon on 2008-09-15

Remarks I don't usually recommend these types of cards for credit rebuilders but since you already have come such a long way, I say keep working at it and as soon as you are able to get approved for better cards without ridiculous fees, dump this one! No card is worth having especially with fees like this card charges.
Comment 5 by mrrob
Congrats User Icon on 2008-09-15

Remarks Congrats on obtaining this card. I had this card but the fees were a bit much so I canceled and went with HSBC
Comment 6 by casey
Re:HJM331 User Icon on 2008-09-15

Remarks You are right... I ONLY keep this card because I have had it so long... Over 3 years. I will keep until it maxes out on CLI, I only have 4 left, maximum CL is $2000, I get $100 CLI every 3 months, so by August of 2009, that will be it for me. They were the first to give me credit after my Chap 7 in 2004, I'll always be grateful for that. Currently at $1600 limit. I just hate the inconsistency in customer service, as I said before...
Comment 7 by thomas1
Casey User Icon on 2008-09-15

Remarks I agree with Hjm, keep it until your scores are where they need to be to get the top tier cards. Its always good to check all of your scores first, and the score requirements on the board for the cards you may want. Then I would cancel this one, as you will have moved on to obtaining better cards that will work for, and grow with you over your credit lifetime

Nice job!
Comment 8 by gkcust
How Does Work User Icon on 2008-09-16

Remarks I'm trying to rebuild to. I want to know how this card can rebuild your credit. Also when rebuilding do you have get rid of the bad stuff first in order to rebuild period? Please help me to understand how all this works.
Comment 9 by meya
Re: GKCUST User Icon on 2008-09-16

Remarks You can get better results in this thread,


What ever you do, stay away from this cards. There are better cards to apply for without all the fees. To answer your question, No you do not have to wait until all the badies fall off, you can actually start now.
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