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Written by: hjm331 on 2008-09-08

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hjm331's review: Callout Comment Helped my mother get approved for the Discover Motiva card with a $3k limit. This will help her out with utilization and this is her first Discover card. I'm jealous because I want one too! Lol

I will ask her to add me as an AU to help me out with utilization but we mainly applied for this card because of a great BT offer. We bought my sister a Dell laptop on a Dell Preferred Account and when I saw the interest rate on that thing, I almost fell off my chair. Dell was about to charge my mother 28.99% interest on a $1k balance. That's when I knew I had to get that balance out of there QUICK!

I will ask for a CLI at activation and update on the card later.


Comment 1 by colonative
Congratulations User Icon on 2008-09-08

Remarks To your mom. I LOVE Discover but they can be stingy with credit line increases. It does help to request it early on, just tell them that you opened the account for the sole purpose of transferring a balance however the credit line isn't enough. You may be able to get another $1K out if it.

One thing I have learned from my Discover is that it is best to let them do automatic credit line increases on their own because each request that you initiate will be a hard inquiry.

Good luck and keep us posted.
Comment 2 by hjm331
RE: ColoNative User Icon on 2008-09-08

Remarks Thanks for the reply. I will ask for a CLI when I receive the card and update.
Comment 3 by thomas1
DISCOVER User Icon on 2008-09-08

Remarks Discover is very conservative when it comes to Cli's for sure. My mother has had her Discover card since 1995 and started with 3.5k, was just increased to 4,200 in Jan 08'.

She usually pays in full, and perfect history. Has asked Discover for a few increases, and always denied, and almost closed account.

I talked her out of that one since its over 13 yrs old, and would definitely have hurt her scores.

They finally came thru with a cli, but it took forever. I'm not quite sure why it takes so long to get anything from them.

I think they are probably very conservative in extending credit, usually requiring high scores and clean reports, thus, conservative in cli's also.

Hjm, I hope you are successful on cli after activation for her. Good luck, keep us all informed

I know when I got mine recently, I didn't ask for a cli after reading the info posted on this forum. Guess it will take some time for that to happen
Comment 4 by meya
Wahooo User Icon on 2008-09-08

Remarks Way to go mom's. Hey that would be cool if you could go under her account as an AU. Nice limit, and I am with you on the balance transfer because 28% is rediculous.
Comment 5 by arod
Congrats!! User Icon on 2008-09-08

Remarks Congrats on your mother approval great card.

And I agree... My wife has a dell account with $5000 but with a Apr of 28%

and its crazy but it good to have when her computer died we bought a good computer from dell still paying it... My complaint APR.

I recommend if you pay it off not to close the dell account.

In case your computer goes down you have a back up.

Congrats, and good luck

Comment 6 by shark6
Congrats To Your Mom HJM331 User Icon on 2008-09-09

Remarks And kudos to you for being a good son. I remember that you are also guiding your dad on how to reestablish good credit.

My dh has had a Dell acct for over 5yrs, $3k limit but it is sockerdrawered because of their ridiculous rate.

my mom in law has had Discover for over a decade. They have been good to her, almost $18k limit now.

I believe that I read that they are stingy with clis and hardly ever cli at activation but good luck.
Comment 7 by hjm331
RE: Shark6 User Icon on 2008-09-09

Remarks My mother has had her Dell card for about 4-5 years now with a $4k limit. I will ask Dell for a CLI to $6k and try to add me as an AU to help out my age of accounts and utilization.
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