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Written by: theredsox on 2008-09-01

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theredsox's review: Callout Comment I went to the AMEX website and used their prequalified feature. I wanted the AMEX Blue but wanted to make sure that I would qualify for it before I applied.

The website came back and told me I was prequalified for the AMEX Gold with the $125 AF!! Not the card that I wanted, so I decided to just apply for the AMEX Blue anyway.

I was approved instantly with a good APR (8.99%), but a very low credit limit. Not sure why they did not approve me for a higher credit line, my credit is good and my income well more than adequate. The minimum credit line on any of my cards is $9000. My highest credit limit is now $24,500 on my new BOA US Airways Visa that I was approved for.

In any event, I'm happy that I was approved for this card and plan to use it for traveling. I will be careful though having read the reviews of credit limits being cut without warning.

I'll update at a later date with my experiences with this card.


Comment 1 by eldarwen
Congrats User Icon on 2008-09-02

Remarks On your new card! What is your limit for the Amex Blue? To help prevent Amex from handing out an Adverse Action, I would recommend that you keep your balance low on this card and all others, and to pay Amex in full every month.
Comment 2 by colonative
Congrats, Me Too! User Icon on 2008-09-02

Remarks I was just approved yesterday for mine. 0% on purchases for 15 months then 10.99% thereafter. I wonder why I did not get the 8.99%... But I received a decent credit line of $10,500.

Bank Of America's cards are basically handled by MBNA now and MBNA was notorious for giving out excessive credit limits. BofA just increased my Visa to $19,000.

So, what did AMEX give you as a credit line? How many months of 0% on purchases did you get?
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