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Written by: sweet135 on 2008-08-26

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sweet135's review: Callout Comment I have been researching this site for 2 months now.

How I found this site on the internet I typed in rebulding credit after a bankruptcy. I got Finance Global and this is the BEST SITE by far I have never seen anything like this before where were you guys when I filed Chapter 13.

And that Meya woman is so GREAT. I would personally like to thank her for all the information I have learned from her she is god send.

Well after researching and reading all of Meya comments and other FG members. I was discharged from Chapter 13 May 2008 after a nasty divorce

First I pulled all 3 credit reports and I disputed and like magic a lot a stuff fell off my reports.

So I followed Meya steps to apply for Cap One, Hooters, Best Buy.

I applied for Capial One first they denied me and I did what Meya said which was to ask for a reconsideration well that is still pending they say I had to wait for 30 days for my credit reports to update.

Next, I applied for Hooters MasterCard they send me a letter asking for additional info verify address and to verify SSN I fax that to them today waiting to here from them.

Next, I applied for Best Buy MasterCard and got a message that they couldn't approved my app and I will receive a letter. Well again I did what Meya said don't wait I called them today and she asked me some questions for security purposes and she told me I was APPROVED for $300 I that's fine I will take it.

Thanks to Meya and all the rest of the FG members



Comment 1 by colonative
Welcome User Icon on 2008-08-26

Remarks Congratulations on your approval! And yes, Meya is great, she really keeps this site running to be honest (and others).
Comment 2 by rob72830
Congratulations User Icon on 2008-08-26

Remarks Congratulations on the new card. I got this card too last month. I got the same $300 cl and $59 a/f. I called them to see about lowering the a/f or giving a cli becuse I couldn't buy anything with the $241 available credit. The csr said she couldn't lower the a/f but could give me a cli of $150 which brough it up to $450. If you find yourself with a high a/f you might won't to call them and ask for a cli. Won't hurt to ask. Good luck on rebuiling
Comment 3 by cfmdev49
Good For You! User Icon on 2008-08-26

Remarks Nothing sweeter than a CC approval!
Comment 4 by sweet135
Approved User Icon on 2008-08-26

Remarks How soon did you ask for a credit increase did you make charge and paid on it first them ask fo a cl increase
Comment 5 by sweet135
Approved User Icon on 2008-08-26

Remarks Thanks to all
Comment 6 by hjm331
Congrats! User Icon on 2008-08-26

Remarks Congrats on the new cards. Don't get carried away though because too many inquiries and new accounts will hurt your score. Just keep the cards you have, build a solid, consistent payment history for a year or two and you are on your way to the top.

Also, if you shop at Macy's, I'd recommend applying for their card because they are great with CLI's and their CS is fantastic.
Comment 7 by sweet135
Hjm331 User Icon on 2008-08-26

Remarks Thanks

I said that's it. Will it hurt me if I try to apply for one more in December.
Comment 8 by thomas1
APPROVALS/INQUIRIES User Icon on 2008-08-26

Remarks I agree with Hjm's post about too many inquiries. I understand you're trying to build, build, build. But, just be careful too many inquiries in a short period looks bad in your report, especially denials. You are doing the right thing by asking for reconsideration. I mean look what happened for you through Best Buy, and possibly Cap One. Great job there, yes, Meya is wonderful and does a FANTASTIC job with this site. She was the first to welcome me as a new member months ago, and she is also one to go to with any questions you may have... There are also a lot of others on here who will give you great advice.

Just to be short, be careful with inquiries. This will lower your score by large point losses, and is best to start with a card and build a good history, whatever the card is. On time payments and low utilization, along with aging of a single or multiple accounts is what adds points to your beacon score over the long haul. Excessive inquiries will knock big points off. Have you ever thought about getting a secured card from BOA or Citi? They would require an upfront deposit that is released over time, but it may be a better option if you get declined from Cap One and Hooters... Also, Orchard is another bank that more than likely approve you very easily. You can build on that if you need to. They are slow with Cli's, but no upfront fees, maintenance fees, etc.

Anyway, good luck with your rebuild, and keep us informed!
Comment 9 by mrrob
Congrats User Icon on 2008-08-26

Remarks I agree, this board is a wonderful place, and Meya is great. Enjoy your cards and happy rebuilding
Comment 10 by brian23
Congrats User Icon on 2008-08-26

Remarks On the approval! But yes, don't forget about all the inquiries that could have negative impacts. I think this website is full of very helpful people, however, I will have to agree that Meya is the backbone of the network. LOL! Just remember that rebuilding doesn't happen overnight and it will take time for us all to be in the 700-800 club again.
Comment 11 by meya
Congrats And Welcome User Icon on 2008-08-27

Remarks I am so happy to hear that you enjoy the site and very happy to hear of your approvals. Thanks so much for the warm posting, I have to admit that my food became cold from reading your post and members comments... Lol.

Thanks everyone for your kinds words, I feel so teary right about now. I know this is suppose to be a comment about the cc's but I had to make a response back on this one.

Sweet135, everyone has given you great advise in this comment area of the card. Please join us in the network where the following members (and more) has contributed outstanding posts in regards to the cards you already applied for regardless if they were approved or denied. When reading the postings in the Network, sometimes you hear stories that will make you happy that you were denied by certain cc's.

Again, welcome to Finance Globe and we are so happy that you have found us!
Comment 12 by arod
Congrats!!!! User Icon on 2008-08-28

Remarks Congrats on your approval and a new start in your credit repair.

Good luck to you and don't give up on what you want.

Again. Congrats,

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