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Written by: iantha1 on 2008-08-26

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iantha1's review: The card only reports to one credit br at this point, But they say it will report to all 3 soon. The fees are a bit high. But I'm willing to deal with it until my score's gets into the 600's.


Comment 1 by yoyo11
Oh My! on 2008-08-26

They finally put this card on the post. Iantha1, I've been were you are... And just got my score over the 600 threshold. If at all possible... Try Orchard... Cap1. With the fees on this card, your $300+up front fees could have went on a secured card (bank of America, WaMU, etc..) and after a 8 month to a year... You could get your money back and the secured card will be updated to an unsecured card. I saw this card on other websites and wondered if anyone tried this card out. I have 4 cards with high fees, 2 First Premier, Salute, and Tribute. But this "Cash Yes" is the highest of all time hightest fees I've ever seen on a card.

I'm glad you've read the fees associated with this card, keep educating yourself... And continue to read this posts on the forums... You will be surprised when you see helpful tips to get that score up. Wish you well.
Comment 2 by meya
Eww on 2008-08-26

Higher than all the rest that we have read? Well I agree with YoYo11 again, and we are so happy that you shared this story with us. Look into graduating to better cards that are not associating with all the fees. I know we have to rebuild our credit from somewhere, but I try to turn others towards better cards and not the ones who wants an arm and a leg to get you back on track.
Comment 3 by mrrob
Try Others on 2008-08-26

Wow have you tried other cards like HSBC, Orchardbank, Cap 1 or Hooters? Their fees are much lesser than this particular card. I would give them a try
Comment 4 by iantha1
On The Move on 2008-09-01

Yes I no the fees are high. But so is the credit limit. I already have a orchard bank cc. I cant seem to get app for cap 1 or hoots. But all that will change very soon. HSBC offerd me a secured card but. Imma what 6 months and I bet I get a reg card offer from them. I'm all ears every one...
Comment 5 by yellowd1
Why So Much Info??? on 2008-11-05

I had a prepaid card w/ them before... With the Yes Card they said they couldn't verify my identity for the app. They wanted 5 things... Okay, until I read the list which consisted of a voided check and bank statement... Hmmm... Why do they need so much info from my bank?? Shouldnt the check be enough?? Also found out they only report to one bureau... And I wasted a inquiry on them... Yuck!!!
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