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Written by: mboykin on 2008-08-22

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mboykin's review: Callout Comment I constantly read complaints about this card. I don't see what the big deal is. I have the card and I have had no problems. Unfortunately, some of us have bad credit and have to take what we can get. I noticed on a lot of the other reviews, everyone is so surprised about the fees. Continental is very upfront about the fees that you have to pay. That is why you must READ people READ. Every single fee is laid out in black and white under the Terms & Conditions. Even when you call to activate your card, the automated system discusses all the fees before even allowing you to speak with a representative for activation. If you are trying to repair your credit, this is a good card. You can opt out of the automatic fee increases if you don't want to pay the $25 fee. Again, this is fee is discussed in the Terms - you have to read. The card is great. You don't have to have $300 upfront like for a secured card and the first minimum payment is only $50. I say try it. Customer service 1-800-518-6141.


Comment 1 by thomas1
Continental User Icon on 2008-08-22

Remarks I agree with you completely. I have read up on this card issued by First Bank of Delaware. They are upfront about the fees all the way around.

Yes, people with less than perfect credit have to settle for some sort of card to start out with.

However, I would also refer them if not able or wanting to fund a secured card, to try out Orchard Bank or Capital One.

These banks DO NOT charge the excessive fees for their accounts, and are perfect for people either starting out or rebuilding. Orchard approves just about everyone, and when the scores reach around the 600 mark, Capital One would probably approve as well.

Anyone who is rebuilding/starting out, give them a try as I think you'll be surprised and on your way.
Comment 2 by wildrage2
Agree User Icon on 2008-08-22

Remarks The only thing that I agree about from the past comments is the fact that this is pretty much as bottom of the barrel as you can get with subprime cards. If all else fails, try this one.

That being said, after almost a year with the card, they have never done me wrong, and have helped me with my score.

You are correct, the card only charges $50/month for minimum payment. If someone didn't have the $300 up front, it would take them at least 6 months to raise the money, and god knows how much longer to actually get their secured card (I've heard BoA taking months to issue a secured card!).

Think about how much positive information could have been reported to your credit file in those 6-8 months! Is it worth the $200+ in startup fees? I guess that's your call. That's why only adults can get credit cards - they expect adults to read the terms and conditions and make their own decisions. Nobody holds a gun to your head!
Comment 3 by colonative
Free Country User Icon on 2008-08-22

Remarks I will agree with your sentiment that people need to stop complaining about the fees. They are very clear and upfront. And, as credit is a privledge and not a right, these are the costs of having damaged credit.

Having said that however, I still believe that a secured card is the way to go. Don't have $300 now? Then save it up, American's are so impatient. Or as Thomas1 says, try Orchard first. Tribute/Centennial/First Premier exist for a reason and they are doing quite well collecting the fees.

Lastly, this is a free country and we are all allowed to make our own choices-if you want to pay fees to get a card then that is your choice and yours alone. One of the benefits of this site though is to give opinions to others who might not realize that they have another option hence my previous posting on this card advising people to try a secured card first.
Comment 4 by vingstar
Read The Fine Print User Icon on 2008-08-22

Remarks The problem with cards like this one is not that they charge high start up fees BUT that people don't take the time to read all the fine print before getting it & then turn around & claim that they're being scammed, jipped, taken advantage of, etc...

EVERYTHING you need to know about any credit card is clearly spelled out in the terms & conditions. NOBODY forces anyone to get a card. BUT once you do get a card then you're bound by those same terms & conditions even IF you end up not liking it. Don't like it? Tough-shouldn't have applied to it.

I'll bet credit card companies like Continental Finance get awfully tired of multitudes of people calling in claiming that been scammed only to realize that those same people didn't take the time & effort to read the fine print.

You don't sign a document UNLESS you read & understand it FIRST!

Credit card companies are not in the business of screwing people over even if they're sub prime. That's bad business but that's the perception a lot of people have.

Ignorance is not an excuse.
Comment 5 by wildrage2
I Hate To Say It... User Icon on 2008-08-23

Remarks I hate to say it but for the most part the people that screwed up their credit in the first place are the same people that aren't going to read something before they sign it, and complain when they get the bill... I mean I was one of them not too long ago.

It's a vicious cycle.
Comment 6 by colonative
Wildrage User Icon on 2008-08-23

Remarks Amen, brother.
Comment 7 by lindalu
Mboykin...so True User Icon on 2008-08-24

Remarks I agree with you... People don't read or listen or just plain hear what they want to hear... I do customer service and I deal with these stuff everyday... If you don't have good credit and want to rebuild it then you have to bite the bullet and take what you can get. People like to slam companies and post things so other people won't do business with them because they are made and them and that is not right..

I did not choose this card because of all the fees because I read their info on line... And I have enough others to start rebuilding my credit... However some people think they should just start out with a huge credit limit and no fees and not have to prove themselves worthy again..

Do you work for continental ? You know a lot about them... If you do then you probably deal with this everyday... It's a tought job doing customer service
Comment 8 by colonative
LindaLu User Icon on 2008-08-24

Remarks I know you were responding to Mboykin but I used to work in the bankruptcy department for a credit card company and I would get calls all the time from people who just simply could not believe we had the nerve to close their accounts (per bky laws any creditor with a balance at the time of a ch7 bky filing must be included). I had one lady who had an account since 1979 and had to file bky. She was beside herself that we closed the account. I told her the law and that per bank policy we had to close the account. She said "oh sure, the Nazi's said they were just following orders too!"

My other "favorite" call were the people who filed bky 5 years ago or so and we took a loss on their old account and they just couldn't believe that we had the nerve to judge them and not give them a new account. It is because we took a LOSS!!!

Now, these types of customers were rare but I couldn't believe the way some of these people acted. They weren't humbled by their bankruptcy at all and they felt that they had a right to their old account or a new one.
Comment 9 by mboykin
Its Clear User Icon on 2008-08-25

Remarks Its really ashame that people don't take the time to read the fine print and that is how they end up in debt as Wildrage stated above. Once you have the chance to restore your credit, you should remember all the things that you did to ruin your credit in the first place. I learned a great lesson after ruining my credit - READ THE FINE PRINT. I have dramatically improved my credit just by understanding what I am getting into. If I don't understand, I don't sign. With that being said, First Premier and Orchard Banks are really good cards to get. You need a 585 or better to get a First Premier card.
Comment 10 by drjonah
I Have This Card Too User Icon on 2008-09-15

Remarks My credit is in the toilet and only have one capital one card so I decided to bite the bullet and sign up for a Continental Finance card. I knew ahead of time all the high fees and fully accepted them.

It's a small price to pay to rebuild credit.
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