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Written by: thomas1 on 2008-08-13

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thomas1's review: I figured since I was approved for the Citi Amex last week, I'd go ahead and finish up with an app to Discover to complete my mix.

Approved CL $4,000
0% for 6 mos, then 14.99% thereafter
0% on BT for 12 mos.

I think what helped me with this one is that I've been AU on my mom's account since 1999, but never had the card, just wanted the history when I was cleaning up my own credit issues.

Anyway, I'll take it, just glad to get in the door on my own. Also, they offered the coolest looking cards too! 5% cashback on certain purchases, and 1% on everything else.


Comment 1 by mrrob
Nice Card on 2008-08-13

This is a nice card to have, good luck with it

Comment 2 by thomas1
DISCOVER on 2008-08-13

BTW, my scores are all around 690-705. I am finished for a long time now. Time to let these newbies age over the next 12-24 months. I know i'll take a hit for the two accounts within the last week. Gonna check my scores next week or so to see just how many points came off for these inquiries.
Comment 3 by meya
Ahhh on 2008-08-14

You go Thomas1, this is good news to my ears!
Comment 4 by colonative
5% Cash Back Bonus on 2008-08-14

Oh yeah, I LOVE Discover. I've had mine since 1999 but I don't use it as much since 2004 when I had my Citi MasterCard upgraded to the Dividend.

Anyway, the 5% bonus is great. Right now through September you get 5% on gas and hotels. In October through December it is on groceries. Just make sure you call them or go online and sign up because it isn't automatic!
Comment 5 by thomas1
Discover on 2008-08-15

Thanks for that info ColoNative. I'll check it out when the card arrives and I sign up online.
Comment 6 by ashes
Discover on 2008-08-15

I screwed up with Discover 10 years ago and had my card closed. I had paid them off 9.5 years ago and perhaps I will apply again. I am not sure how will they treat me since I used to have Discover a long time ago and defaulted and paid 9.5 years ago. Any comments?
Comment 7 by colonative
Ashes on 2008-08-16

Ashes that sucks about your old Discover Card. I love that I got mine before the new decade started because I am mad about "Member Since" dates (the older the better). But to your question, if you paid off the bad debt to Discover 9 1/2 years ago I don't see any reason why they wouldn't approve you for a new one, so long as your scores are up and you have not gone on a application binge. I have heard on the board that if you are declined by Discover for a Discover More Card (I really hate that by the way, I liked Discover Platinum better) they will offer you a Discover Card from HSBC-though it isn't as good an offer.

To be honest, it took 4 applications before I was finally approved for a Discover Card. I tried 2/98 (when I was 19 and only had credit for a month) again in 7/98 and in 5/99 (they "pre-selected" me and when I was naive and young I thought it was for sure). Finally in 11/99 after a co-worker rubbed his new Discover in my face I went online and applied and was finally approved. So, I know what you are going through. You might also try for the Sprawl-Mart Discover or Sam's as well as they are issued by GE Money Bank.
Comment 8 by ashes
Credit Bureau on 2008-08-19


Did you know which CB they pulled?
Comment 9 by colonative
Bureau on 2008-08-20

Oh man, that was such a long time ago, I want to say it was Experian.
Comment 10 by eric
Great Card! on 2008-08-28

Nice Card Thomas Congrats... Let us know how it works out.
Comment 11 by thomas1
Discover on 2008-09-30

They pulled all 3 on me, with Transunion being my lowest at 696. It may be a geographical thing, because I've heard others just being pulled from Experian

Oh well, its all good
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