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Written by: tamellie on 2008-08-12

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tamellie's review: I got approved today for the MasterCard I already have the store card with a $3000 limit I just needed another "regular" card to use anywhere. The three card limit thing isn't true when it comes to retail. I have 4 a orchard bank, guitar center, regular best buy, and reward zone MasterCard. It seems like u can have unlimited retail cards but not more than 3 loans, Visa/MasterCard/AMEX cards


Comment 1 by hjm331
Congrats! on 2008-08-13

Congrats on the new approval! This is a great card for building/rebuilding credit. I also have the Best Buy store card and the Guitar Center card and I like those cards a lot because they are generous with CLI's and offer nice no interest promos.
Comment 2 by mrrob
Congrats on 2008-08-13

Congrats on obtaining the card. Did you apply online or did you go into the store
Comment 3 by danny
Congrats on 2008-08-13

I got approved for this card also. $300 limit and $79 annual fee. I will write a review on it once I experience it for a while.
Comment 4 by tamellie
RE on 2008-08-13

I applied online. Im ALWAYS on this site checking the comments so I decided to try it out. I did try to call in and get a CLI and lower my fee but they called my bluff and canceled my card lol, so I told them I don't wanna cancel just raise my limit and they told me a manager will call me back. Any advice with what to say because I told them I didn't want it because my credit deserves a better limit my best buy is 3000 cap 1 is 1100 nothing under 500... Someone plz help
Comment 5 by danny
OMG on 2008-08-13

This is why I'm not going to play that cancel my card game. I'm happy that they gave me a chance and I will run with it. If I have 750 FICO scores then I have leg room to bluff a little and seek a better card but based on my situation I'm happy with my approval and will happily pay the annual fee I owe. Good luck to you.
Comment 6 by meya
Way To Go on 2008-08-13

Glad to hear of your approval!
Comment 7 by brian23
I Say Still Go For It.... on 2008-08-13

Listen, about two months the same thing happened to me, got the store card for 300 cl and 79 af. I called and they transferred me around and u just have to hold your ground and they will give in (i was increased to 450 and af was decreased to 36). Otherwise, if they don't, just cancel the card, wait 3-4 months and re-open it again. Just don't be afraid to say no. You are doing them a favor by accepting your card, not the other way around.

Hope this helps!
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