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Written by: jhendi on 2008-08-11

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jhendi's review: Callout Comment I talked it over with my wife, I don't like credit cards at all, frankly, but in order to build credit, we decided (since she is always on this website and works as a Customer Care Professional for AMEX) to read about different cards. In no way did her job have any impact on getting approved, but I decided to apply for this card, with an Experian score of 633, and 1 charge-off from back in either 2000 or 2001 (it is so old I cannot even remember, but it is with Capital One, and I will pay that off eventually), also, I just have 1 other item on my credit, I am the additional card holder on an account with my wife, which she paid off in full last month. In any case, I went online on Sunday and applied Sunday afternoon, and the application status was "In Progress" until just now when I got a confirmation e-mail saying my AMEX application had been approved. I did not have to verify any of my information with them, I just patiently waited and got the e-mail today, and they said my card should arrive in 7-10 business days in a plain white envelope marked from Omaha, Nebraska. I am new to American Express and I signed up my wife as an Additional Cardholder and I will also make her the AAM (Authorized Account Manager) because she pretty much is a genius when it comes to managing financial "stuff" around the house and making sure we keep our credit perfect so we can take advantage of this "buyer's market" and buy a house within the next year, and this seemed like a great start for me to get my "feet wet" with credit AND get in the door with AMEX. Like I said, I really, really don't like credit cards and prefer to pay for things with the money I earn, and anything other than that means I am trying to live beyond my means, my wife is the same way, we are pretty simplistic people and spend most of our time and investment in nature and traveling. But, we will see how AMEX works out, and hopefully one or more of you guys will get to hear her sweet voice through customer service (hehe!). Thanks everyone for the great info on this site, it's awesome!


Comment 1 by colonative
Congratulations User Icon on 2008-08-11

Remarks Did they let you know what your credit limit will be?
Comment 2 by hjm331
Gold Delta AMEX User Icon on 2008-08-11

Remarks My mother and I were both instantly approved for this card and the limit was shown on the approval screen.

This is a good card to get your foot into the door with AMEX but I don't know if right now is the best time to do so. I don't use my card a lot other than pay my Sparkletts water bill monthly. I will not close this card due to age and I will start heavily using it once AMEX changes their ways when the economy gets better.
Comment 3 by arod
Congrats!!! User Icon on 2008-08-11

Remarks Congrats!! Great Card and yes I have this card.

Again congrats on your approval.

Comment 4 by jhendi
Line User Icon on 2008-08-12

Remarks Just called a nice representative told me my credit line $1,000. That is fine, and after 60 days I can apply for a CLI.
Comment 5 by wildrage2
What To Do?!? User Icon on 2008-10-10

Remarks I received an 'invitation' from these guys in the mail yesterday. I'm about a year into the rebuilding game, and just pulled my official FICO and found it to be 640 (Experian). I have 2 collections and 1 paid charge off on it... All from a few years ago. No lates or derogs in the past year.

I've herad soo many bad things about AMEX these past few months, but I'm so tempted to pull the trigger on this one. What do you tink?
Comment 6 by mark
Think Twice! User Icon on 2008-10-10

Remarks Remember that an invitation is DIFFERENT from a PRE-Approval.

so think twice.
Comment 7 by meya
Hummmm User Icon on 2008-10-11

Remarks I don't think I would go for that one. I get invitations from Discover and Citi Business cards. I have one baddie left and I refuse to apply. Amex gold is a card that I have heard some apply and get an approval with a baddie, but I don't think I would feel comfortable telling you to give this a shot.

I agree with Mark on this one, it is just an invite, not a approval.
Comment 8 by cireone
DELTA AMEX User Icon on 2008-10-11

Remarks I agree, its just an invite but does not necessarily mean an approval even with the scores. I for one was lucky to not have great scores but when I became a SkyMiles member, I received an invite via email and was not initially approved. I was told to call for further processing. After literally doing a phone app, I was approved to my surprised. So I used the card and about a year later my limit was decreased, so just be careful.
Comment 9 by hjm331
Hold Off User Icon on 2008-10-11

Remarks Hold off on the offer. I have this card and it's not all that. I wouldn't apply for any AMEX cards because of their ridiculous practices such as the financial reviews and suspended your account without notifying you in advance. Hold off the on offer and apply for it when the economy gets better.
Comment 10 by thomas1
No Go Amex! User Icon on 2008-10-11

Remarks Wildrage, I have to say I agree with the prev posts on this one, Amex has ticked off sooo many people lately by closing/decreasing limits that they are mass mailing to everyone trying to keep their cardholder base refreshed. Then, they will suck them in the door, and do the same to them also.

But,... I happen to know for a FACT that Citi and Chase are approving applications without invitation for people with scores as low as 600 right now. A friend of mine just went online Tuesday applied to Citi, out of no where, no invite, nothing... Called me, I couldn't believe it, said she was applying to Chase, like what the heck, i'll for sure be declined, and BAM, she was approved for that card too!!! There was NO way she should have been approved for either, I've seen her credit report!! So, I don't know if it's Amex you want right now, or a top tier card, but those 2 are really practically giving them away right now due to this economic disaster.

Is anyone else hearing about these wild, unexplained approvals lately??

If it is Amex you want though, I would wait until this credit mess clears over, or maybe consider a co-branded Amex issuer like Citi or BOA. I have a feeling you might have better luck that route.

Good luck!
Comment 11 by mrrob
Hold Off User Icon on 2008-10-11

Remarks I say, if you don't need the AMEX card I would hold off applying. as previously stated, Citi and Chase are approving many with your FICO scores
Comment 12 by arod
Wait ..Not Now User Icon on 2008-10-11

Remarks This card requires 680 FICO or higher I love AMEX but lets be real they are not Bk friendly and they check everything And yes I have this card.

Wildrage 2 wait until you FICO goes to 680 or higher for now there is a big chance they decline you... I say don't do it...

But it all on you...

Take care,

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