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Written by: vingstar on 2008-08-09

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vingstar's review: Callout Comment I've had this card for 6 months. I like it & I'm wondering at what point in time do they do a credit limit increase? It's still at the limit I started with-$250.


Comment 1 by pamela2
Hi Vingstar User Icon on 2008-08-09

Remarks I have this card 2 but I'm not at my 6 month mark yet so if you don't care please let me know if they give you a credit limit increase and how much? K? And if it is at the 6 month mark? thanks pamela!
Comment 2 by meya
Busted User Icon on 2008-08-10

Remarks I knew you applied for another credit card... Lol! Well since we shut down the old club, I can't inforce punishment... Lol Add it to the application statuses sis.
Comment 3 by brian23
Vingstar... User Icon on 2008-08-10

Remarks Did you call into customer service and ask about a CLI?
Comment 4 by casey
Answer To Vingstar User Icon on 2008-08-10

Remarks Your 1st credit line increase should come at the end of of your 6th statement, that is how mine is. At the end of June and December for me. Do you belong to their premium club? You get reviewed twice a year if you do, if not only once a year. I am at $1100 limit now. One of my favorite cards, no complaints... Well, except the fees, but hey they gave me a chance after Chapter 7... So I'm ok with it.

Here is how their CLI's will work:

1st one-$100(you pay for this one. All others are free)

2nd one-$100

3rd one-$150

4th one-$200

5th one-$300

all others $400--to a max credit line of $2500. I called them one day last year to find out, and so far they have been right on. All automatic, you will not have to ask. Great card!!

hope this helps you...
Comment 5 by pamela2
Hi User Icon on 2008-09-04

Remarks Thanks and yes that did help a lot and how much did you have to pay for the first increase?
Comment 6 by casey
Your Answer Is... User Icon on 2008-11-23

Remarks $25 for the first increase. All others are free.
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