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Written by: kimi on 2008-08-08

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kimi's review: Callout Comment Ok I received this card three weeks ago after it was converted from bofa platinum plus that I just wrote a review for it and I no longer have.

The conversion process took a whole month untill it was approved and during the process I called the bank and spoke to a rep who told me that it might be denied since I can't upgrade Visa to AMEX and she told me that she could do me worlpoints Visa on the spot with guarenteed approval and no wait time, I told her no and that i'd rather wait for the decision on the amex, after I hung up I went and applied for this card as seperate account(no conversion) and was denied right away.

A week later I looked online an found that I have an AMEX from bofa ( based on upgrade not new applicatio wich was denied), and recived the black card in the mail a another week later.

The good thing about this card and bofa is that they reported it to the beurus as a two years old account and it says on on it member since 06, also they erased the record for the platinum plus, and this way nothing is reported as a closed account or a new account which would've been at least a severe 150 point loss to my credit scores which would've beenn a real disaster, but hey you're dealing with best, bofa created Visa it self and is the most sophisticated financial entity in the world and I wanna deal with them only.

The rewards are diverse since you can get cash back, or use it for travel, or basically any thing but I don't think they are great since for every $2500 you spend you get $12 in reward, I think it's the same thing on all other rewards cards from any bank not just bofa.

My scores are EX651,TU676,EQ670, but I think you need way higher scores than these to be apprved as a new seperate account.


Comment 1 by mrrob
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Remarks Congrats on receiving this card
Comment 2 by arod
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Remarks Congrats !!!

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