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Written by: shark6 on 2008-08-08

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shark6's review: Callout Comment I used Whychat's letter to dispute other addresses and sent off 2 wks ago. I got them removed from TU and EQ, still waiting to hear from EX but I also got a fraud alert attached to my file today which was a direct result of that letter.

Long story short, I went in to apply for JCP card in person as I was denied online in June. I've since had my EQ score increased by 40+pts so decided to go in store as I've read on line and at FinanceGlobe anecdotal evidence that there is a higher chance of getting approved in store and of receiving a higher limit.

In any event, I was denied. Today, I pull Truce Credit and there is a big fraud alert message telling me that I have to call TC and verify a lot of info.

I did this(asked multiple questions) and they lifted the freeze. I was told that a fraud alter was put on TU report. He gave me ref# and phone# for TU. I called and they lifted it after I told them that I did not request it but perhaps the way the letter was worded led them to put the fraud alert.

She told me that it was put there by another CRB. She asked me if there was anything else that she could do for me and I said yes, delete the addresses which she did. However, s he said that if someone is reporting it, then they may come back.

I had some time planned of from work today so I came home and call JC Penney, go through the prompts and finally got a person. I explained to them that I would like to speak to a credit analyst for reconsideration as I applied in store yesterday and was denied and I believe that it may have had something to do with the Fraud alert on my file.

She looks in the system and said, 'you w ere preapproved but I have to xfer yout o someone to verify your identity'. I'm starting to get excited... After, I was transferred and I explained to the gentleman what I was calling for, he asked me 3 Lexus Nexus questions about prior ownership of vehicles and addresses.

He then said, congrats, you are approved FOR... Drumroll please...

right under $1900 and you should receive your card in the mail in 7-10 days. (paranoid if collectors are reading this board)

I'm so happy. Thank you Creditboards and FinanceGlobe.

I've increased my Equifax score which they pulled by some 40+pts in two months, got 4 new lines from established creditors with decent limits, gotten some old addressed deleted, some COs deleted and I am looking at a clean Equifax report except for one item that I have to work on.

I never expected +$1500 which is the around the amount that Wal-MartDiscover approved me for.

p. S See my other posts this morning about not being able to access TRue Credt, having to call to verify info and get freeze lifted, finding out that a F/A was placed on all 3 of my credit files., calling TU to have it removed, now calling JCPenny back and finding out that I was approved for a decent credit line despite being denied yesterday.

One note, the credit analyst in the Fraud department at JCP told me that the associate at JCP should have told me that they had a problem identifying me and that I need to call. He also told me that they would have called me or sent a lett er to me requesting identification. Oh, He also asked me for my phone#.

p. S the associate int he store was not very helpful but the CSR on the phone were very, very helpful.


Comment 1 by meya
Way To Go User Icon on 2008-08-08

Remarks Very happy to hear of your approval. Nice limit also. By the way, I had a fraud alert on my Cr before and it was due to the fact that I had disputed a inq from Chase when I applied for credit (and was denied), they put the inq under First USA and I did not know who that was, but after finding out, it was too late to admit it because the inq was gone. I also had to get the fraud removed from my credit report, I think EX put it there.

Good luck!
Comment 2 by shark6
Thanks User Icon on 2008-08-08

Remarks Meya, I believe that Ex also did it. They are gremlins!

Thanks. I am so excited as you know I had applied for JCP online in June and was denied.

My scores are now 671.
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