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Written by: kiejon9 on 2008-08-01

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kiejon9's review: Well I called up AMEX to see if I can get AMEX plat card they approved card. I am happy with AMEX now I have 4 AMEX card all approved in july when I ask AMEX do they need to pull other credit report? New acc told me no cuz they pull my credit report this moth also thanks AMEX for not pulling a hard inquiry.

And I had my card in my hand the next business day.


Comment 1 by mark
Congratulations! on 2008-08-01

Congratulations on the new card.

have you ever considered consolodating all your AMEX card?

with the ultimate " BLACK AMEX" aka as the Centurion Card?

you can have the " prestige" of owning one of the most coveted AMEX card

instead of having 4 different cards?

just my 2 cents
Comment 2 by theo11
AMEX on 2008-08-01

Very nice. What are your FICOs if you don't mind? What are your other AMEX cards/limits? Thanks.
Comment 3 by meya
Way To Go on 2008-08-01

I am happy to hear of your approval but I am turning out to be a "No Amex Fan" after hearing all the horror stories about them in the Network, have you taken a look at the Network lately? I am not trying to scare you, but make sure that you keep your balances low on all of your other cards because AMEX will slice your limit behind our back... Ewwwwww, I get the shivers iover it!
Comment 4 by mark
AMEX Horror Continues! on 2008-08-01

Count me in Meya with the number of people AFRAID to use their AMEX cards for now.

my rule now is NOT to use my AMEX cards for purchases over 200 dollars..

i HATE to be put in the position of being declined and embarrased for such a small purchase..

i do have the Bank of AMerica AMEx as well, but that's a different story..

i have FULL confidence with BofA up to now.

i know, that when I swipe the CARD, I won't have to cross my fingers.
Comment 5 by kiejon9
To Mark Amex Cards on 2008-08-01

Hello mark I am thinking about consolidating all of my AMEX card sometime soon but tell now I will keep them how they are.

I do have a black card but I am on the acc with my mother dad and sister.
Comment 6 by kiejon9
Theo11 on 2008-08-01

Hello The011, how are u well my FICOs are up in the 790 799 809 as of today, cuz I just checked and they well be going up cuz I just paid of my new car loan that I got back in may of 08. Business Green Rewards card no pre set spending limit.

Blue from amex business have to call and see what the limit is cuz I got a cli last nite.
And the blue have to call and see what my limit is.
And I also have to black card from amex but that my mother acc. I am just au on the acc I love that card.
Comment 7 by kiejon9
To Meya on 2008-08-01

Hello Meya how are you today? I am hearing about all the horror about AMEX cutting credit lines and doing other things, but I will be mad as hell if AMEX cuts my limits.
Comment 8 by arod
Amex The Best Out There on 2008-08-01

Congrats on your approval great card.

I love my AMEX card !!

Well in my experience AMEX give me a lot in benefits just like my Citibank.

Don't worry you won regret it.

Amex was the first credit card and only in the 50s

in the 60 - 70 came Visa and MasterCard so they been around along time.

overall good luck with your AMEX cards,

Comment 9 by shark6
Congrats! on 2008-08-01

Good for you, DH and I hot the Plat. 2 mths ago. We are using it to take a mini vacation to Orlando in the near future. DH told me the other day that when he called the hotel to ask some information, the clerk wasn't so receptive but when he told her that he was refrred by Amex and that he would be using his Plat card and she pulled up the reservation and saw that, that her overall demeanor and personality changed for the better.

Keep your limits low and u should be find. This was our 4th AMex card, not fortunate to have the Black card yet but we're happy with Gold and Plat.

BTW, you have excellent Ficos.
Comment 10 by kiejon9
To Shark6 on 2008-08-01

I love all of my AMEX cards and yes I have excellent FICOs and today when I was paying for some things for my computer company
Comment 11 by mrrob
Great Perks on 2008-08-01

I once had this card, it gives great perks for travel for those who travel a lot. The annual fee is a bit much but if you use all o the perks the annual fee is worth it. Take care

Comment 12 by thomas1
KIEJON9 on 2008-08-01

WOW!! Great FICO scores!! I just wanted to say Congrats on all your Amex cards also. But, you said your scores will go higher than they are at already, at 790-809 because you just paid off a car loan from May 08'. First, I hope that it does go up, but don't think it will happen... There is only 2 mo history on that car loan on the bureau reports, and thus not letting the account age, will more than likely decrease your FICO scores. Alot of people think when they pay something off immediately that it boosts scores, it doesn't, just check your reports once that posts paid and satisfied. You only gain points over the long haul, about 7 per month, as the history ages well over 12 months. Also, with those scores, it puts you in the top tier 3% of people on the planet. Just look in your reports once that has paid in full, I think you're gonna be surprised. All the best!
Comment 13 by kiejon9
To Thomas1 on 2008-08-02

Well I check my exp report just now and it reports that my car loan as paid on exp but not the others yet. My scores did go up lil by 12points cuz I also paid off other acc that I had for like 1/2years
Comment 14 by colonative
"Black Amex"/Mark on 2008-08-13

From what I understand the "Black Amex" is the Centurian Card and you cannot apply or consolidate for it. The Centurian Card is by invitation only and you have to spend over $250,000 a year to be accepted and keep it.
Comment 15 by thomas1
CENTURION AMEX on 2009-03-26

It's my understanding that you MUST be solicited for this card. You cannot apply for it. Also, you are preselected based on spending habits and financial records.

I think the min monthly spending requirement is 20k and higher per month.

It's a tool for the super wealthy basically

Correct me if I am wrong about this
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