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Written by: kim s s on 2007-06-11

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kim s s's review: Callout Comment I was a little unsure about this card when I googled and couldn't not find a there website so that I could get more info. I waited on hold for a very long time just to speak to someone that didn't really understand me. I was given another number to get answer that she was unable to help me with and couldn't get thru because they didn't know my SSN and I don't have a card. someone else had the same number and the same problem getting thru as I did. the people don't have a lot of good thing to say about this site and I shredded everything I received so that I would accidentally order this card. Well there goes $ TOO SHADY 4 ME. THEY WONT STRESS ME WIT LATE FEES AND RUIN THE REMAINDER OF MY CREDIT GET A CARD THAT CARES AND THIS DONT SOUND LIKE IT!!!

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