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Written by: dan on 2007-06-10

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dan's review: Callout Comment Good card. You will have some difficulties on initial use if you use the card a lot. This is for security purposes on the part of chevron. They're sticky on the continued, repeated use of the card or if you don't use it for awhile and then start using it in rapid succession. It's all about their security and fraud concerns. When they have a security issue like all of the above they will usually lock down the card until you call them, sometimes they will notify you by phone and sometimes not. They outsource much of their customer service to the Philippines and this adds another dimension to the customer service with different information from different reps because of language difficulties. The best thing to do is to ask for the concord, ca main office and you won't run into this situation. My main peeve is their convoluted online account information. I say convoluted because you cannot make a payment for 4 days after your last payment and you cannot really tell when you've paid the amounts that are 25 days old by the time your billing cycle comes around and can get charged interest for anything that is more than 25 days away from your billing cycle. You have to really watch your account online because some gas stations don't clear you charges immediately upon purchase of gasoline. The online payment menu is all cut up with payments and charges in different menus. For me it's hard to keep track of when I'll be charged interest for any purchase over 25 days back from my billing cycle. It's almost as if some ex-banker, computer type has figured to do the website this way in order to sneak in interest charges when you're not watching your purchases and payments close enough. For me it's really irritating because, like everyone else today we are all paying enough at the pump, otherwise the card is a decent card and you can get good customer service out of the concord California people.

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