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Written by: helen on 2007-06-05

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helen's review: Callout Comment I am in the process of rebuilding my credit due to financial setbacks incurred with my ex-husband. On or about Nov/Dec 2006 I applied for a credit card with Continental Finance Company LLC. Continental Finance offers credit cards to individuals with poor or no credit. Their service offerings is to help establish or rebuild credit.

After I applied for the Continental Finance card, I was required to pay aprox $248.00 to activate the card. I had assumed that this was similar to a pre-paid credit card where the card must be funded and secured. After a few months utilizing the card I noticed that there was a $10.00 monthly fee. In reading the terms, I realized that this was their account maintenance fee.

On February 5, 2007, I sent a check for the remaining amount from small charges made to the card in December 2006 and requested that the account be closed. On February 24, 2007, I received a call from Continental Finance stating my payment was not received. On February 28, 2007 I called Continental Finance and spoke with James. He had advised that my check did not arrive, a $30.00 late fee was added and asked for payment over the phone. Conversing with James became difficult, so I asked to speak with a manager. Daniel Mastin retrieved my call. We discussed the situation, she assured me that the account was closed and that she would reverse the $30.00 late fee. She stated that I was only obligated to pay.15 cents which was the remaining finance charge amount due on the account. On March 1, 2007, I mailed a check in the amount of.15 cents.

Each month thereafter, I continued to receive statements from Continental Finance. Every month the balance would increase by $30.00 for a late fee and $10.00 for the account maintenance fee. Each statement prompted a call to Continental Finance. Each call I made required that I explain the situation over and over again to new representatives.

On 4/3/2007, I called Continental Finance and spoke with James about a statement received in the amount of $70.59. He assured me that the account was closed, the fees would be reversed and that I would not receive any future statements.

On 4/23/2007, I received another statement with a past due amount of $30.00 with an account balance of $70.59. Another call was made to Continental Finance. I spoke with Celina. Celina stated that her manager Laura reversed the charges. She assured me that the account was closed and that I would no longer receive monthly statements.

On 5/12/07, while out of town, I received another statement with a past due amount of $111.76. On 5/30/2007, I received a call from Carolyn with Continental's collection department. I explained the situation. She stated that the system did show that the account was closed in February but I was still responsible for the balance. (Keep in mind, the balance that continues to grow is from incurring $40.00 worth of their account charges, not charges I had made. In fact I had not charged anything to the card since December 2006 and closed the account in February 2007.) She transferred me to her manager Katrina. Katrina advised that I must call Laura to address the issue and that she could not help me.

Today, 6/4/07, there are now late marks on my credit report. It is ironic. Continental Finance claim they help individuals with poor credit, when in fact they actually damage your credit. Not only must I contend with their antics of not closing my account, I now must contact all the reporting agencies to hopefully reverse these late marks.

I wish I had taken the time to research this company or search the internet for consumer reviews. There are several complaints about Continental Finance out on the Internet. I don't understand how the First Bank of Delaware allows this type of unethical behavior and only hope that a class action law suit could began.

I have filed a letter with the Attorney General. My advice to anyone that has had a bad experience with this credit card company, please take the time to file your complaint with the Attorney General and Better Business Bureau. The more complaints made about Continental Finance the better our chance of pushing this company out of business to protect others.


Comment 1 by jim
HORRIBLE SERVICE Continental Fin User Icon on 2007-10-12

Remarks These folks, at Continental Finance, have signed me up for a MasterCard that I have NOT agreed to. They have sent me two bills charging me huge fees, including a $10 on going monthly fee, which I have NOT agreed to. Matter fact, when they sent me the card they offer, I immediately cut it up and returned the card to them and wrote them, saying I did not accept the MasterCard. I wrote saying, I reject your offer... I would have never agreed to such terms. Even though, I asked them not to send me any more bills or charges. I just got another bill from them yesterday with additional charges.

I have had a bankruptcy, also, but would never agree to such outrageous terms. They contacted me and said the card would help me regain my credit, but they never told me I would pay the fees they are charging. They offered me a $500.00 credit line but charged me about $280 plus $10 monthly fees. I did not agree to all of this.

I have tried to contact them, but have not been able to talk to a real-live person, even though I have, called the additional numbers there voice response say to, I only get another voice response system. Finally I got to a point were they said to enter a card number and when I enter the number on the bill they are sending me, it states there in "NO SUCH ACCOUNT."

I think the Customer Service at Continental Finance is horrible, or they are just plan dishonest. Does anyone have any suggestions? Helen have you gotten yours resolved?
Comment 2 by be wise
Fraud User Icon on 2007-10-16

Remarks Please watch out for this company. Those who is having problems will need to go to the your local Better Business Bureau or better yet seek Legal Aide Services in your area. This has not been a best experience.
Comment 3 by mduran
Rip-Off User Icon on 2008-06-12

Remarks How does a company that practices such fraudulent tactics stay in business? That's because these types of predators take advantage of naive people who need to have a card and or are deceived into believing that this card will help them establish or correct credit records. These companies are ruthless and there should be a law against them. The consumer can only exercise caution in this so called "we will help you" companies that are just out to make a quick buck off the innocent, hardworking consumer. I know several people who have a credit card with this company and I am suggesting they close the account. Save as much proof of services received by this company and file complaints with BBB and anyone else who will listen. The only thing that can shut this company down is voices out there being heard. Remember, when you apply for a credit card... Go online and find out about the company. There are a lot of ripoff company out there. This one and Capital Bank to start off with. BEWARE!
Comment 4 by hjm331
RE: Mduran User Icon on 2008-06-12

Remarks AMEN!
Comment 5 by reb3773
Re: Continental Finance Credit Card User Icon on 2009-12-28

Remarks The Continental Finance credit card is really not much of a credit card, the fees you pay is approx equal to your credit limit. The other comments are correct, it is a very bad deal, but for me was the only way I could fix my credit. If you are not very, very careful, it can harm your credit. 3 years ago, I got one and paid religiously on time. I then was able to get another $500 credit card from credit one, and then a real $1000 credit card from capital one. After 3 years and 3 credit cards with never, ever being late or over the limit, I just got a $3000 unsecured MasterCard. What I am saying is that for me, even though it cost me, I was able to repair my credit and the continental card was the first step. My credit score is now well over 700 from all 3 agencies. 3 years ago, I could not rent an apartment, rent a car, finance a car, or even rent a bicycle. I think some people would be afraid to take cash from me, I was such a deadbeat.

Yes, they charge a lot and for most people, it is a lousy deal. I had to suffer through it because I defaulted on loans when I was younger, so I guess what goes around comes around. I have no complaint with them because I read the agreement and was willing to pay the price for building good credit. It was a lesson I won't forget. I understand the frustration, but if you are of sound mind, can understand English and accept their terms, what do you have to complain about? For me, it was worth it. In the end, they only got me for a few hundred dollars. A small price for good credit, at least in my situation.
Comment 6 by jasjusmom
Re: Continental Finance Credit Card User Icon on 2010-05-11

Remarks The customer service there is awful. I had an experience with an customer service rep. That did not care one way or another that I was over the limit on my account. He or she, I couldn't really tell, said I wasn't charged an over the limit fee. So I guess that should have been enough not to complain about. Well my credit is important to me and I know that over the limit is not good. Well I asked him why was over the limit considering I just made a payment. He said, because your annual fee was just taken out. I told him that I had no clue when the annual fee was to be taken out and if I had I would have paid more. I know what annual mean, but didn't remember when I had opened the account. Well the car started to get an attitude and raising his voice. So I immediately asked to speak to his supervisor named Reggie. Well he claimed he understood where I was coming from a d that the csr, Linda would be dealt with. The csr just did not care.
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