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Written by: sh0t0kan on 2008-07-24

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sh0t0kan's review: Callout Comment I was turned down by the Carnival sea miles and decided to call for a recon. I spoke to a lady and she was nice but the decision stood. It kinda frustrated me so to ease the pain I applied for this card, I use a mac and itunes (when I'm not in the mood to steal the song) haha I applied and was approved. I guess it is true, some message boards say that just because your not approved by on program does not mean you cant be approved by another. Satisfied my fix. Cool cant wait to see what the card looks like.


Comment 1 by brian23
Congrats!!!! User Icon on 2008-07-24

Remarks So, what were your scores, CL and AF (if applicable)?
Comment 2 by sh0t0kan
Approved Online User Icon on 2008-07-24

Remarks Score were

EX 588 :(

EQ 633

TU 655 but my WAMU says 667

CL $500
Comment 3 by sh0t0kan
Approved Online User Icon on 2008-07-24

Remarks Oh and the APR 22.74%

not really gonna use it just add it too my itunes account to use for downloads and I hardly download from there anyways cause I love my torrents.
Comment 4 by meya
Way To Go User Icon on 2008-07-24

Remarks Congrats on your approval. Is this second juni card you have? Just curious because I remember you saying that you were going to apply for the card and had another one. Please let me know!
Comment 5 by mrrob
Its Strange User Icon on 2008-07-24

Remarks Its strange that they would decline you for one card but approve you for another. Well good luck with the card that you have
Comment 6 by sh0t0kan
Re:meya User Icon on 2008-07-25

Remarks Yeah the Seamiles said no so did the US Airways (I think that's the name) but I called for a recon and she still said no so I'm gonna send a letter. Doesnt hurt to try get some use out of that inquiry.
Comment 7 by eric
Barclays User Icon on 2008-07-26

Remarks They are strange like that sometimes... There was another member that said the same thing. Congrats on the card... I applied for it back in Feb and they declined me.
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