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Written by: shark6 on 2008-07-16

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shark6's review: Callout Comment Ok, so I had gotten a pre approval offer from Walmart card last year and I did not apply as I didn't think that I would apply.

I decided to go to the site last night and tempt fate and apply. I got to the 4 Lexus Nexis questions and at the last one, I meant to hit the 'next' button but I hit cancel instead. A pop up box openned up and I tried to 'x' out but it aborted the entire ap. I decided to apply again as I didn't think that it had gotten to the irquiry section yet.

I did this and got the dreaded '7day message'. I went to www.Creditboards.com and looked up the backdoor # for underwriting and called them today.

I got xferred to another area which I was told was the fraud department and the lady then asked me 3 questions that were related to 2 cars that we had owned(1 currently) and about a street address.

She then said, 'congratulations, you have been approved for the Walmart Discover for $1700'. I nearly fell out of my chair and had to ask her to repeat it again to make sure that I was hearing right.

My daughter who has absolutely clean credit, with no baddies but a file less than 12mths although I have her as an authorized user on my 5yr Cap 1 card(which is what I am convinced is the reason why she has gotten so many good cards with no credit file before) was denied for a Discover Rewards card and was cast off to the HSBC Direct Rewards 18% Discover card (at least no AF) with just a measly $750 limit.

I can't believe it! I have to say that I do have a Sam's club (started at $300 and then last month, requested CLI and got $200)and that Walmart pulled Equifax which is my best report with no baddies except my bad student loan.

I still can't believe it especially as the database is filled with stories of people only meager limits of $200 or less or odd amounts under $300.

I don't know what tier I fall into yet so not sure of the interest rate but this card won't be used to charge more than $50.

P. S I thinking that if you got a pre-approval that it is more than likely that you will be approved.


Comment 1 by rwmtd
What A Great Surprise User Icon on 2008-07-16


Congrats to you Shark6, if you don't mind posting it what is your current score with equifax? Again, congrats to you on getting such a high CL.
Comment 2 by brian23
Congrats.... User Icon on 2008-07-16

Remarks On the approval and the Discover Card
Comment 3 by yoyo11
Congrads User Icon on 2008-07-16

Remarks On you new card...
Comment 4 by mrrob
Way To Go User Icon on 2008-07-16

Remarks Congrats on your approval
Comment 5 by shark6
Score User Icon on 2008-07-16

Remarks My current Equifax score is around 535-641. However, I do have an aged file and no baddies except a paid off charge off and student loan.

Everything else is over 5rs with most of my accounts 13yrs. I also have the Sam's card which I have had for 2years. If they had pulled Experian, I doubt that I would have gotten it.

Thanks everyone.
Comment 6 by hjm331
Congrats! User Icon on 2008-07-16

Remarks Nice add to the mix of credit cards you already have.
Comment 7 by shark6
Experian Is Alreayd Reporting User Icon on 2008-07-19

Remarks I meant to say that my current Equifax is around 635-640. I pulled my Truecredit today and I was surprised to see that Experian was already reporting my Walmart/Discover account. It took them less than 5 days and I don't even have the card in my hand yet.

Needless to say, TU and EQ haven't reported yet.

Thanks Hjm331.
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