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Written by: steve-o on 2008-07-07

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steve-o's review: I applied for the Macy's Card Back in Oct of 07 but canceled because they would only give a 100 dollar limit... I thought I was better then that but I've learned I'm not... If I didn't cancel the limit would have been much higher by now..

but just yesterday I applied for the bloomingdales card because I wanted to buy a bunch of stuff from there they approved me for 400 dollars. But to my surprise they asked me if I would like too reactivate my Macy's account... I agreed for the Macy's deals that come with this card are very good... Plus everyone told me I was a fool for closing it in the first place..

my FICO is about a 648 with one collection of 134 dollars that I'm going to take care of... That collection has stopped me from getting a lot of cards I want... The Chase Rep told me if that was showed as paid they would have approved me for the freedom card..

I have:

Citi platinum select 2000

wamu 500

HSBC discover 500

sunoco 1000

want to get rid of the HSBC discover and sunoco I hate those cards... Their APR's are so high..


Comment 1 by meya
Congrats on 2008-07-07

Way to go on the approval for "High-Priced-Boom-ingdales". Oh yes, you are going to get a lot of "What in the heck is wrong with you" in regards to closing the Macy's account. So did you re-activate it (or re-applied) yet? If so how much was your limit this time?
Comment 2 by mrrob
Congrats on 2008-07-07

Reactivating the macys was the right thing to do. Good luck
Comment 3 by hjm331
Congrats! on 2008-07-07

Congrats on the new approval. How old are your HSBC Discover and Sunoco cards? If they are a year old or older, then I would keep them for history and use them once every 2 months just to keep the account active.

You did the right thing by re-activating your Macy's card. They will help your utilization BIG TIME as long as you show some activity. The best part is about that is that even though Macy's prices are a little bit on the higher side, you don't need to buy anything expensive. You can buy a pair of pants for $60 and pay it off in 3 months by paying them $20 a month just to show activity. I'm definitely a believer of their magic because they gave me an auto-CLI from $800 to $2,000 and it showed up on my EX report last night. I was just floored and I recommend the Macy's card to everyone who stays on top of their credit game.

Good Luck
Comment 4 by wildrage2
Bloomingdales on 2008-07-08

Have you made your first purchase with Bloomingdales yet?

Go to a store in-person and make a purchase... They'll make you talk to the credit department first, who will ask you several questions about your credit history to confirm you identity.

I started with $400, and a week later I went to make a purchase, answered the questions, and automatically got bumped up to $1000.

Bloomingdales is expensive, but they often have sales that make their prices a lot more reasonable.

This week the one in my area had $125 Polo pants on sale for $30... Needless to say, my utilization took a hit... Lol
Comment 5 by kellbell
Bloomingdale's on 2008-07-08

Congrats on the card. I have yet to get a Macy's because I think I have enough cards.

I also think that you will use your Macy's a lot more that your Bloomingdale's. I think there are only a select few Bloomingdale's locations whereas there are many more Macy's.

Good luck,

xoxo KellBell
Comment 6 by hjm331
Bloomies Cardholders on 2008-07-08

Is the Bloomingdales credit card great with CLI's like the Macy's card? Just curious
Comment 7 by wildrage2
CLI on 2008-07-08

After 3 months I asked for a Bloomingdales CLI and went from $1,000 to $2,500 on the spot. Macy's only gave me a $100 CLI.
Comment 8 by brian23
Congrats on 2008-07-08

Well, congrats on the bloomies approval, and yes, please hold on to macys... They are an awesome store...
Comment 9 by shark6
Congrats! on 2008-07-16

Macy's is the bomb diggity. It's the truth of retail credit cards. I have two macys, 1 a Gold star card and they bombard me with coupons all week long. In addition, it seems like every other weekend, they have 15% off if you use your Macy's credit card.

I just a coupon in the mail or reward certificate for purchasing undergarments during their semi-annual sale. I can use this money to purchase more undergarments.

I also have a 20% all day pass. I get these like every 3mths or so and every year, I purchase the $20 cancer event coupon card and all my purchases from like Oct to 12/311, I get 10% refunded back in Feb/March.

I also had spend $30 get $10 off which I used last month.

Macy's keep you laced with lots of coupons and you really can get nice things at a decent price.

I'm a clothes snob i. E I like nice clothes but I refuse to pay retail. Macy's allow me to purchase nice, trendy clothing at an affordable pants. If you see me, you would swear that I'm paying $200 for an outfit, when it has only cost me about $40 or so!

Be good to Macy's and it will be good to you.
Comment 10 by hjm331
RE: on 2008-07-16

Does anybody know what the qualifications are to get approved for the Macy's Visa? I could really use another Visa card.
Comment 11 by danny
Great Store on 2008-07-19

Bloomingdales is a great store. I have one 35 mins from home. It was built new from ground up about 5 years ago but when you walk in today it seems like opening day. Place is spotless clean and organized. I applied for the charge during Christmas time online and was approved but no limit showing. I called to find out what limit I was approved for and was advised $200. But the lady told me if I verify some questions she will give me $400. I answered them to verify my identity and hung up with a $400 limit. I paid in full twice thereafter and called for a cli. The guy told me he wasn't sure if it would go through but he will try anyways. He then told me he can do another $200. So now I'm at $600.
Comment 12 by germo06
Two Stores... One Card on 2008-07-25

Many ppl don't know this but, you don't need to open a Bloomingdales card if you already have a Macy*s account. And vivce-versa... It's the same company and you can use either card at any of the two locations. I would suggest holding on to your Macy*s accounts because of the coupons you do get for having a Macy*s card. I have a pre-paid macy*s account and I use it at Bloomingdales all the time.
Comment 13 by colonative
Retail Good, Visa Bad on 2008-08-10

I am reading these reviews and I agree that the Macy's retail card is excellent. I opened mine in September of 2007 and have already been upgraded to a Gold card. The sales and discounts for being a cardholder are fantastic.

But the Visa is another story. Be careful with their Visa-it has a high APR regardless of your credit score and it isn't really an upgrade from your retail-it is an entirely new account-so you will have two accounts.

Stick with the retail card.
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