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Written by: lindalu on 2008-07-07

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lindalu's review: Callout Comment I got this card in Nov of 2007... Good card... No problems other than if you make a payment after 4 on a thursday it doesn't post until monday.

but I patiently waited for my 6 month increase and it is now July and I never made a late payment and still haven't seen an increase... I don't have a backdoor number to call on this HSBC card specifically but I would have thought by now I would have gotten some type of increase... Started out at $300 and yeah still there!!!

the problem with $300 limit cards is that I have had a couple of declines for other cards stating I had too many low limit cards so I need to get this limit up but don't know how... I do have however 2 other cards by HSBC and yeah they are at $300 too!!! So just be ware when getting this card that they are not good on cli!!!


Comment 1 by mrrob
Give Them A Call User Icon on 2008-07-07

Remarks I have the Orchard MC. I called to inquire of something else concerning the account and then asked when I would get an increase (had the card for about 7 months) they gave a CLI of $100. I would give them a call
Comment 2 by lindalu
Thanks Mrobb!! User Icon on 2008-07-07

Remarks I will do that tomorrow!!! I also have the orchard bank mc also but I have only had for 3 months... So don't think I can get an increase on that one... Same with my best buy mc... I got them around the same time... Wish me luck!!!... Will let you know how it turns out!
Comment 3 by tanyia
No Increase Yet User Icon on 2008-07-07

Remarks Linda I have had this card for over a year now started with 1600 credit limit and still at 1600, I called the number on the back of the card and they said they do not take cli requests

so when you call please update us on your progress with them
Comment 4 by eric
CLI User Icon on 2008-07-08

Remarks Linda don't hold your breath for a CLI on a HSBC card... Or else you will be dead for years lol... I got a Householdbank MC back in Aug 2002 with a start of $300... My current CL is $500! ONE CLI that took 3 years! If your looking for a card that give CLI's... This bank is not the one.
Comment 5 by lisascakes
Called For CLI User Icon on 2008-08-30

Remarks I also have had the Orchard MC since 2006 with a ci of $300.00 never late or over limit but still no cli. I called earlier this week - very nice lady said she would have to pull a cr - I agreed she stated she was able to raise it $100 but that they charge $25.00 for pulling the cb. "I agreed but called back a couple of days later & told them I could not find anything in the info I was sent with the card that this would happen. They gave me a credit of $12.50
Comment 6 by rsty99
HSBC Phone # User Icon on 2008-08-31

Remarks You may want to call this number, 888 333 2201, you might have better luck you should not be paying for cli on this card also
Comment 7 by coolkidny
Re: No Increase Yet???? User Icon on 2010-05-21

Remarks I got this card in 2007, the credit limit started out at 1,000 and today they increased the limit from 1200 to 1400, 400 dollars in about three years is awful.
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