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Written by: arod on 2008-07-05

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arod's review: Callout Comment Well I applied for this card April or may but I wasn't approved. Due to to many accounts.

This will slow me down but I really don't need them so Im ok. I sorted knew it wasn't going to be approved and with the cards I have maybe it was good.

Thanks to all for your comments,



Comment 1 by hjm331
RE: ARod User Icon on 2008-07-06

Remarks The people at FICO suggest not to apply for credit when you don't need it so it's not good to rack up inquiries and new accounts when you have all the available credit you need.
Comment 2 by sethatco
True But Not Always The Case User Icon on 2008-07-06

Remarks Yes, Fico tells you to apply for credit only as needed, however if you apply for a store account it's viewed as a good account because most consumers keep these open for years.
Comment 3 by meya
Thats Ok User Icon on 2008-07-07

Remarks Knowing that you have too many accounts should open our eyes to keep what we got and work on the history and clis. Pretty soon, you will decide to make a decision to keep them or close them, but not for the benifit of another card holder.
Comment 4 by rockin35
Life's Temptations User Icon on 2008-07-07

Remarks We all fight daily with the temptations of life, and yes that includes applying for credit that we don't need. You are already in very good shape based on your postings that I've read. Keep doing what your doing, and open the Macys Card during the Holidays between November 25th and December 27th. I'm sure your luck will change during this time.

Comment 5 by arod
Thank You..to All User Icon on 2008-07-08

Remarks Thanks to all and yes sometime you just got to know when to stop.

But like here FG when you hear all the good stuff you want to be part of it or part of the store but like I said it not all about cards it's about getting that excellent credit so I'm almost there and wish the same for you guys.

So good luck to everyone,

a special thanks to meya she was the first person to say Hi when I join FG

Take care,

Comment 6 by hjm331
RE: ARod User Icon on 2008-07-08

Remarks Did they state the reason for your denial?
Comment 7 by arod
HJM331 User Icon on 2008-07-08

Remarks When I called they check my SS because I don't have an account and they said that the scoring system is the reason and that it appears that I have to many accounts.

My FICO is 669 so its not bad but I said ok.

I wasn't going to use them a lot anyway. I live far from Macys and there price on simple things are expensive but they do send coupons by mag.

My sister in law has the card she told me about it.

I don't plan to apply for anything for awhile.


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